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My name is Emily–I’m the voice behind these words, and the primary blogger. I’m a recent University graduate with a passion for animals, a desire to know what makes people “tick,” and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Bachaesh, Give a Dog a Bone Blog

Of course I couldnt do what I do without my fur baby, Bachaesh (Pronounced Ba-CHAY-Sh). His name sort of means a combination of “buddy” and “son”. He is a 5 year old Yorkie Shih-Tzu, but I like to think he’s a little human in a dog’s body.


I have been blessed to have such a smart, well-behaved dog, and because I love him so much I like to take him with us everywhere we go! He’s opened my eyes to so many new experiences, and has forever enriched my life.


I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with dogs as furry family members my entire life. My first dog, Patches (aptly named by my five-year-old self for her black and white fur), was a cuddly shih-tzu who lived to be sixteen despite developing cancer in her later years.

As I’ve grown older, and I have watched countless documentaries on food, nutrition and chemicals, I’ve become a more informed consumer for both my family, and our dogs. I’ve recently made some major changes in the types of food that we eat – often opting for organic and GMO-free whenever possible, and that desire to know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies has transferred to our pet supply shopping as well.

We started this blog to share with you the best pet products that are on the market today because we know that, like us, you care about your dog as if they were a member of the family. We strongly believe that your dog deserves to eat as healthily as you do and we’re here to share with you what we’ve found to make your shopping easier. We also review unique dog products, fun toys new-to-market dog products, and events, and host contests and giveaways. There’s so much happening in the pet industry right now that if we don’t point it out, you just might miss it!

Being an informed consumer means educating yourself about the good, the bad and the ugly.While doing a lot of intense research for one of my final courses in my University career, I came across a lot of shocking information about the labeling standards and nutritional content of some pet foods. Additional information about the stats of pet euthanization rates in North America was enough to make my head spin. As an animal lover it was often difficult to read the appalling truths of our time, but I did so knowing that by informing myself I could then be better prepared to help change what’s happening.

I’m looking forward to sharing everything that I find with you, fellow dog lovers. I know that together we can make a difference not only in the lives of our own dogs, but also in the lives of the countless others looking to find a forever home.

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Emily & Bachaesh