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Petcurean, Gather Dog Food, Vegan Dog, Vegan Pet, Pet Health, Canadian Dog, Give a Dog a Bone Blog

Summer is over and Autumn is upon us. Like many of you, it’s been a busy year for us. Between juggling projects and errands it’s important to make sure that we take the time to look after ourselves. That goes for our pets too!

PetCurean is a Canadian, family-owned pet food company, and they were kind enough to send us some samples of their new line of pet food, GATHER. Over the last few months we’ve been working with some fellow pet parents to do some taste tests and get to find out what it is about GATHER that makes it special! We also have an amazing prize pack to give away. Read on to learn more!

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If you’ve visited the blog before you’ll know that when it comes to healthy food choices for our dogs, we’re 100% on board. There’s no skimping when it comes to our fur babies.

GATHER is part of a new category of pet food which uses certified and organic sustainably produced ingredients. GATHER is blended and balanced to provide your dog with a premium quality, yet naturally nutritious food. It was even designed under the watchful eye of Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, who has a PhD in companion pet nutrition.

GATHER currently comes in three lines and each recipe features a single source primary protein (fish, chicken or peas):

o Wild Ocean (dogs) – Recipe with MSC-certified line-caught cod

o Free Acres (dogs and cats) – Recipe with organic free-run chicken

o Endless Valley (dogs) – Certified vegan recipe with organic peas

To be able to be considered, ingredient suppliers must adhere to Petcureans strict criteria for sustainability. This criteria is based on five pillars (

  • Following humane animal welfare practices
  • Protecting water supplies and limiting water use
  • Protecting farmer, rancher and producer livelihoods (No by-product meals, un-named meat meals or any ingredient from China.)
  •  Ensuring the preservation of natural resources
  • Actively working to preserve biodiversity

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Today’s pet parent knows that not just any pet food is worthy enough to grace their grocery carts and pantry shelves. We want to know what’s in the products we buy, where those ingredients are sourced, and we want to ensure that everything that’s being used is also being sourced sustainably.Gather Ingredients

As a predominantly Vegan eater, I was intrigued to discover that Petcurean’s Endless Valley recipe is a certified vegan option for pets.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “How do I know if my Fluffy is a Vegan?”

Petcureans’s Vegan option isn’t necessarily for pets whose parents have already said adios to animal products. While it is nutritionally balanced and contains the essential nutrients, including amino acids, in the amounts that most dogs need to stay healthy, it is also a great option for dogs who have food sensitivities and food restrictions. (Read more about vegan diets for pets here.)

Endless Valley uses peas as the primary protein source and incorporates healthy Omega 3s and 6s from organic flaxseed and sunflower oil. Peas are a nutrient rich option that provides most of the essential amino acids required by both dogs and cats. Peas are also great sources of antioxidants, minerals, fibre and resistant starch which benefits the digestive system.


Sarah and Rufus

Sarah is the proud dog mom to Rufus, a fairly active 11 year old Golden Retriever with extreme sensitivities to certain proteins. Chicken is a no-go for this pup. To avoid constant itching and hair loss, Sarah has dedicated herself to ensuring that Rufus eats a nutritionally balanced meal free from allergy inducing ingredients.

Rufus tried the Endless Valley recipe.  Here’s what he and Sarah had to say:

Rufus loved it! Endless Valley has healthy ingredients, and no fillers. I would consider buying GATHER in the future because I like the ingredients they’ve chosen  and I like that there is a strict requirement for sustainability. – Sarah P.


Lea and Edith

Lea is a nursing student who couldn’t be more in love with her Saint Bernard mix, Edith.

Edith had a rough puppyhood, suffering from Parvo and requiring extended hospitalization. Now that she’s back to herself, and growing like a weed, she enjoys staying active, but is also a-okay with a little down time every now and then.

Edith sampled the Free Acres Recipe and here’s what she and Lea had to say:

Edith is usually quite picky, so it was a surprise to see her enjoy the food so much! She ate every last piece, so I will definitely be looking into getting her some more.

Since she has had stomach issues in the past, I usually look for a food that has a very healthy and simple list of ingredients that will provide her with all the nutrition she needs, and that won’t upset her stomach. I like GATHER because it’s a food that works with my budget, but that also satisfies Edith’s wants and nutritional needs. -Lea Q.

As for the rest of us…

Riley, Pepper and Bachaesh tested out all three recipes. If you follow us on Instagram, you may even have seen Pepper excitedly OPENING her sample bags all by herself before gobbling them all down.

Quote In A Circle

Pepper is, of course, a Labrador and is very food motivated. She devoured all three recipes and didn’t seem to have a preference either way. Her mom has now foregone buying treats altogether because Pepper will happily shake a paw for GATHER.

Riley and Bachaesh, on the other hand, are men of discerning tastes. While Riley was uncertain of how he felt about the Wild Ocean fish recipe, he felt more comfortable with the familiarity of the Free Acres which uses free-run organic chicken. Likewise, Bachaesh always takes a little while to adjust to new foods, and has now confidently been eating Free Acres daily during the summer months. In fact, when he finishes his serving he comes looking for more!

All of our testers have had a very positive experience with GATHER, and none have had any issues with tummy upsets from introducing a new food.

In addition to the great ingredients and sustainability criteria, GATHER is especially noteworthy for being a healthy and affordable option. The food bags are quite large, and feature velcro resealable tops to keep freshness in.

To celebrate GATHER in all its glory, Petcurean and I are giving away a huge gift basket packed with all sorts of goodies. To enter the giveaway, visit our Instagram page and follow the instructions. Open to Canadian residents only.


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