Pink Frog Leaps On To The Market

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Every dog owner has been there. Leash training.

Teaching your pup the proper etiquette of walking on a leash comes with its own challenges. Namely, pulling and escaping.

If I had been lucky enough to own one of Pink Frog’s sturdy walking sets back in those days I wouldn’t have been so paranoid about a sudden unexpected puppy escape!

Pink Frog Pet Products is a young and vibrant Canadian company located in Burlington, Ontario, that specializes in accessories for your furry friend. Now, thanks to Pink Frog, your pup can be walked safely AND stylishly. (Seriously, while taking photos for this post we were stopped by people walking by to say how cute Bachaesh looked in this harness and leash combo!)

Pink Frog, Dog Harness, Sturdy Pet Products, Reflective harness

Pink Frog kindly sent us some of their amazing product line to try, along with their newest product!


You can identify a quality leash from assessing three main things:

  1. Is it sturdy? Pink Frog’s leashes are probably the sturdiest I’ve ever seen. They’re twice the thickness and width of your average nylon leash, they have a metal buckle and hardware that looks like it can withstand a great deal of adventure, and the handle is layered with neoprene to keep the leash from cutting into  your hand when your dog pulls.
  2. Does it help with safety? Safety is key! Pink Frog has brilliantly ensured that every edge of their leashes is carefully stitched with reflective tape to keep you and your pup safe on late night walks.
  3. Would you use it? I’ll be honest- I’m used to using a long, extendable leash for Bachaesh. But, wow! I really fell in love with this leash, and can see myself using it often! I felt like I had much more control over him, and when I’m in crowded places that’s just what I need.

Over the benchPink Frog, Give a dog a bone blog, Pink frog poop bag dispenserAdd in a cute little poo bag dispenser that latches to the leash without swinging or making noise, and I am sold!

Of course, the pièces de résistance is Pink Frog’s newest product, launching April 3rd on Indie GoGo, their harness.

Pink Frog Harness, Give a dog a bone, sturdy harness, metal buckle harness,As you can see, just like their leashes, Pink Frog’s attention to detail and safety is very apparent. The thick nylon straps padded with neoprene provide stability and strength, while not impeding your pet’s movement or comfort. Your pup is free to wander without uncomfortable tugs around the neck.

The durable metal clasp is built to last, and the revolutionary design makes getting this harness on and off a breeze!

Pink Frog harness, Give a dog a bone, Dog blog, pet product review, pet blogger

Simply slip the opening over your dog’s head, and buckle up the strap behind his front legs, along his chest. No strap between the legs to fiddle with. Easy!

The front rests comfortably against the collar bone, while the under-strap and back support prevent your dog from twisting out of the harness.

Pink Frog, Give a Dog a Bone Blog,

In addition to the reflective material and sturdy design, the harness includes a traffic safety handle- ideal for pulling your pup close at the last minute- and an adjustable under-strap to make the harness custom fit your pup.

I love this harness. At first, I was a little confused by it because it really is different from the other harnesses on the market.

Bachaesh is, ninety-nine percent of the time, a co-operative walker, however there have been times where he has backed out of his collar when spooked by a noise or another animal, or has escaped from a harness if he is adamant he does not want to go where I am going.

When I am crossing a busy intersection, the last thing I want to worry about is my precious pup getting out and standing in the road. I do not have that concern with this harness.

I found the Pink Frog harness incredibly easy to use, and as someone who takes her dog with her everywhere she goes, I appreciate anything that makes my life a little easier at 7am.

If you’re looking for a new way of walking, and you don’t want to have to sacrifice safety or style, be sure to visit Pink Frog online, and check their products out at your local pet store. There are a variety of colours available so that you can show off your pup’s vibrant personality!

To help support Pink Frog launch this great new harness aimed at keeping pets safe, please visit their fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo here. The campaign runs for 40 days.

Show them some love, and consider making a small donation. And while you’re at it, be sure to enter their giveaway HERE.

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