Pooch Patch a Godsend for Condo Dwelling Pet Parents

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It’s 1:30 am and you’ve stayed up a little later than you planned watching yet another episode of your favourite Netflix show. You’re bundled up in your PJs and ready to sleep but you just can’t shake the feeling that if you don’t take your pup out for a quick pee now, he’ll probably just end up waking you in the middle of your REM cycle in three hours.

It’s a conundrum I’ve faced since moving into a condo. Going from a home with a fenced in backyard to the high rise life of the GTA has been a transition not only for me, but for my dog, Bachaesh, as well.

Thankfully, the nice people at Pooch Patch reached out to us and dropped us off a little something to make those late night potty breaks a little less stressful.

Pooch Patch is a delivery service in the Greater Toronto Area that delivers a fresh piece of Ontario grown sod right to your door for your pup’s peeing convenience.


For as little as $20 you can have a fresh piece of grass, complete with a tray, delivered for free weekly or bi weekly. The cardboard tray is completely recyclable and is waterproofed to avoid leakage.Simply remove the lid and place under the bottom of the tray and voila! You can even put two together for larger dogs.

We weren’t home when our Pooch Patch arrived so we picked it up from our concierge desk the next day without a problem.

Pooch Patch edit 1

Along with our Pooch Patch we received some helpful tips to help make the transition to “balcony bathrooming”a little easier. Bachaesh is a very well behaved dog, so he knows that he shouldn’t be peeing anywhere that even looks remotely like a part of a house. By adding some “scent” to the grass it encourages him and lets him know that this spot has already been okayed as potty spot.

While I continue to ensure that he gets adequate walks throughout the day, the Pooch Patch is so handy for quick little pee breaks before bed or early in the morning. It’s even a great idea for dogs that have just had surgery or that have mobility issues.

Pooch Patch 2

I think Bachaesh loves it most for another reason, though. From the moment I set that Pooch Patch down, Bachaesh was determined to use it as a lovely spot to lay. My balcony gets so hot sometimes that even candles have melted. I can see why a lovely piece of grass on hot summers day can be inviting, regardless of whether you’re on the ground or nine storeys up.

If you’re interested in trying Pooch Patch for yourself you can visit their website here.




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