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Our first bag of Nutram Sound S7 dog food is empty , and my  4 year old Shorkie isn’t the only one sad about it.

Over the past month Bachaesh has eaten exclusively Nutram S7 food as part of Nutram’s Optimum Transition Challenge. We transitioned him from eating kibble he’s been used to eating since he was a puppy to Nutram’s new Chicken and Brown Rice with Peas and Carrots recipe.

Bachaesh can be a very picky eater, so when we began participating in Nutram‘s OTC challenge I didn’t know what to expect. We started slowly. We gave him mostly his old food, with a little Nutram mixed in. Then we gradually increased the ratio of Nutram to other kibble until I felt confident Bachaesh could handle a full bowl of just Nutram. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did Bachaesh eat his new food, but he loved it! He would finish the serving of food I gave him and then sit in front of the bag of food as if to say “more, please!”

Nutram Over View

Nutram’s S7 formula is jam packed with healthy goodness. You won’t find any hormone-laden meats here! Instead, Nutram S7 has flax seed and salmon oil to help bring luster and shine back to your dog’s coat, alfalfa to freshen breath, and pomegranate and turmeric help to boost your pup’s immune system with powerful antioxidants.  Peppermint helps to calm the stomach, while pumpkin aids in the digestive process, and chamomile keeps your pup calm and reduces indigestion.Take note, pet parents, as these are wonderful things to add to your own diet as well!

The age old adage has never been truer- You are what you eat! When you fill your pet’s food bowl with holistic, nutrient-rich foods they will begin to feel better, and be healthier. Over the past month of feeding Bachaesh Nutram, I’ve noticed he’s slimmed down a bit and now has more energy. He was never overweight, but he looks healthier now, and his fur is much softer and fluffier than it ever was before. He’s ready to take on the world one squirrel at a time!

It’s been incredibly easy to live a Nutram lifestyle. As a busy pet parent and blogger, I’m always on the go. Bachaesh goes everywhere with me (including on the bus!) and that means that I have to be prepared to have a nutritious meal for him when we get to our destination. Nutram’s kibbles have been specially formulated with small breeds in mind. Their al dente kibbles are much smaller than our former kibble, and that makes Bachaesh much more inclined to eat them in unfamiliar environments.   I can tell he prefers the bite-sized Nutram kibbles, and I don’t worry about him hurting his jaw trying to crunch on big kibbles anymore.


Kibble Comparison

I also love the sizing of Nutram’s packaging. One of their 6 lb bags is the perfect size to stick in the car if you’re heading out for the weekend, or even to stash in the pantry cupboard.

I am very happy with Nutram, and I am confident Bachaesh will be just as happy when we go pick up a new bag of Nutram S7 from our pet store later today.

If you’re interested in finding the Nutram formula that’s right for you, you can head on over to Nutram’s website and take their What’s My Nutram Number quiz. It only takes a minute or two, and it will allow you to find the perfect combination for your specific dog’s dietary needs- whether it be a food allergy or sensitivity, a senior pet, or a very active pet.

Join the Nutram OTC Challenge today! #NutramOTC



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