Barkery Delights: A Love Story

Barkery Delights, Homemade Dog Treats, Barkery

About four years ago, one of Elaine Rodriguez’ dogs, Girl, was beginning to exhibit the symptoms of old age. At fourteen years old, Girl was losing weight, her hair would fall in large amounts and she began walking less and less. Like many other Dachshund mixes, Girl’s back problems became one of her more prominent concerns.  Vitamins and joint supplement pills were just not cutting it, so Elaine began researching what else she could do to help her beloved Girl have a happier life.

 Elaine’s determination to find a healthier option began much like my own- by reading the ingredient panel of her dog’s food and feeling unsatisfied with the amounts of artificial, chemical and by-product content found in the food.

She began experimenting with healthy homemade food for both of her dogs. Within a week, Girl’s fur was shiny again. She was walking more, and she wanted to do something Elaine hadn’t seen in over a year- play!

Elaine figured that if her dogs were feeling better from eating her homemade natural dog food, why not try making dog treats that were preservative free and had no artificial colours in them as well?

Barkery Delights, Homemade Dog Treats, Dog Blog, Preservative free, Give a dog a bone blog

With this goal in mind, Texas-based Barkery Delights was born.

Elaine began baking up a storm, sharing her creations with neighbours, friends , and of course, their dogs. She honed her baking skills with the help of her doggy taste testers, and her family members who taste the human grade treats for quality assurance.

Elaine was able to extend Girl’s life for another three love-filled years. Elaine kindly shared with me the only photo she has left of Girl after her computer was wiped of its files after a bad virus. It was taken from afar on her last days while she was sleeping.

Barkery Delights, Girl,

“We had lots of pictures of her as she loved to catch bubbles, race with my daughter in the pool swimming, and loved to chase birds away from her back yard.  She really was an amazing dog.”-Elaine Rodriguez

Her adoration of her beloved dog lives on in her business, Barkery Delights.

Elaine was kind enough to send us her three treat options to review.

Barkery Delights’ treats are made with human grade ingredients and natural preservatives. They do not contain any artificial colouring.

Barkery Delights, Natural Dog Treat, US dog treat, Pet Nutrition, Dog Blogger, pets

She currently offers Breakfast Parfait, Peanut Butter and Carob (a chocolate-like flavour that is safe for dogs to eat), and Cranberries Medley.

Her treats come in cute parfait tamper-proof containers, and retail for $7.00 US.

Barkery Delights, Homemade Dog treats, Elaine Rodriguez, Give a Dog a Bone Blog, Natural Pet, USA Made

The treats were well received by our pups! They know quality when they taste it.

I love that you can easily see all the goodness in each recipe: cranberries, sunflower seeds, oats.That also means that your dog can enjoy the individual flavours, rather than have it all blended together.

Whether your pup is a peanut butter lover (Xylitol free, of course!), or wants to start the morning off right with a Breakfast Parfait (plain yogurt, cranberries, blueberries, organic granola) Barkery Delights has a homemade biscuit with their name on it.

These treats are truly made with love and with your canine companion’s best interests at heart. At only $7 US ($9.28 CAD) per 6 oz container, these treats are such an affordable way to treat your dog.

Not sure which flavour your dog will love best? You can grab a sample of either for only $2.

Elaine is currently working with Amazon to sell her treats on their site, but in the meantime you can visit her website at, and visit her on Facebook.



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