Tasty One Ingredient Treats Delivered To Your Door

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There’s nothing worse than reaching for a bag of treats, to reward Fido, only to find the bag empty. You forgot to stop at the Pet Store, again! You’re a busy pet parent- balancing your career and family, making dinner, catching up on the latest episode of House of Cards.  Now you don’t have to remember to make an extra trip on the way home from work. You can have tasty treats delivered to your doorstep, regularly!

Treat and Repeat (a California based company) will be launching in the next two months, and when they do, you better be ready!

We talk a lot about the impact of a simple ingredient panel when making a decision about which treats to share with your furry friends. The simpler the ingredients- the better. Treat & Repeat’s delicious snacks contain a single ingredient only: meaty goodness.

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Treat & Repeat will be offering single ingredient Chicken and Turkey treats to begin with and plan to progress to more flavour options in the future, including nutritious organ meats.


For only $21.99 US you can have a large tube of these all natural treats delivered to your door. They  also offer free shipping within the US.

I think this is a great idea for the busy pet parents out there. The last thing you want to do with your spare time is spend it in a store when you could be spending it outside playing fetch with your furkid.

Bachaesh really loved these treats and it’s no surprise why- they’re 100% meat. What I really liked about Treat & Repeat’s Turkey treat is that they break into smaller pieces easily, without sharp or jagged edges. When I leave for work in the morning I like to leave some treats for Bachaesh. But I worry that he may choke or hurt himself if the treats are too sharp or tough. I don’t have that concern with these treats.

treat and repeat, give a dog a bone blog, dog blogger, pet lifestyle expert, pet nutrition blogger

I’m really looking forward to Treat & Repeat’s launch, and I hope you’ll check them out on Instagram @TreatRepeat for lots of promotional discounts and contests.

P.S. Those super cool looking treat tubes would be awesome stocking stuffers for your pups next Christmas!




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