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Most people walk their dog a minimum of once a day, and that means that at least one poop bag gets used per day. Now, multiply that by 365. And then, multiply that by 6.4 million (for the number of dogs in Canada), or 80 million (for the number of dogs owned in the USA). That’s a lot of waste…and not just the poop kind.

But what are your alternatives? Either you leave your dog’s doo-doo and have a disgruntled neighbour to deal with the next morning, or you pick your dog’s poop up with one of those handy plastic bags! But even that’s not a fully viable option. Due to the sheer volume of plastic ending up in landfills everywhere, many communities are seeking to ban plastic bags! It’s already happened in many grocery stores.

What’s an environmentally conscious pet parent to do?!

Where does that leave you when it comes to doing your *ahem* duty as a pet owner?

Toronto-based Define Planet has you covered!

Witty DP

No matter how big or small your dog is, Define Planet’s poo bags have got you covered! I fit three medium potatoes in this bag easily with room to spare. Trust me, you’re good to go!

I had the sincere misfortune once of attempting to pick up one of my dog’s daily deposits only to have the bag tear and, well, I think you know how the story ends.

From that moment onward I haven’t skimped on quality when it comes to poop bags. If the actual act of cleaning up the poop isn’t the worst part, then it’s definitely the oh-so-gut-heaving aroma that will get you. But fear not, pet parents! Define Planet has some lovely citrus scented bags to help quell that nausea!

Bag Comparison

Define Planet’s bags are comparable in size to your standard poo bag, but the similarities stop there. Those thin, non-biodegradable, plastic bags are going head to head with Define Planet’s line of eco-friendly, EPI certified poo bags.

What is EPI? According to the EPI website, “EPI is the developer, licensor and distributor of Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA®). EPI’s technology has been designed to control and manage the lifetime of products made from the most common plastics used by modern society…TDPA®, when added to PE, PP and PS resins, causes the plastic to degrade at a controlled rate. The shelf life and service life of plastic products incorporating TDPA® can be customized ranging from a few months to years depending on the type and amount of TDPA® added to the plastic resin.” 

So, basically that means that the bags have been designed to degrade after a certain length of time and under certain conditions, at which point the only byproducts remaining will be carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

In addition to these regular bags, Define Planet also carries a compostable line of bags which are completely plastic free, made of certified corn-based materials. They’re also lightly citrus scented and leak proof, and their boxes and cores are made of recycled materials. Awesome!


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On top of providing great poop bags, Define Planet is also working hard to support grassroot charities. Currently they support,, and They’d love if you’d nominate a charity you think they should support!

Define Planet carries a starter pack (2 rolls of bags and a sturdy, screw-base recycled plastic dispenser), just the DP DIspenser itself (with one roll of 17 bags), Refill Rolls (8 rolls/136 bags per box) and a Bulk Pack ( one big roll of 350 bags in a box dispenser)

Define Planet bags are new to market and will be in stores shortly. We’ll keep you posted when we just exactly where you can find these puppies!

In the meantime, check them out on Facebook! And don;t forget to pick up your dog’s poop next time you’re out– there’s no excuses now, you know exactly where to buy your bags from!

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