On the first day of Christmas Santa brought the pups….

Final Cloud Pillow Header.png

Cloud Pillows… as heavenly to sleep on as they sound!

Our first pick for your pup’s must-have of the season is the Cloud Pillow (pictured above) by Be One Breed— a memory foam pillow fit for the special canine in your life. But this Cloud Pillow isn’t just any memory foam pillow.

The Cloud Pillow’s surface is covered in a durable, yet soft, heavy-duty material- the same used on high end upholstered furniture. Inside this removable outer layer is the actual casing of the pillow- which is made of memory foam. Then, stuffed inside of the memory foam case is additional bamboo based stuffing. So luxurious!

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I had the pleasure of seeing this bed up close and personal at the National Pet Industry Show in the fall, and let me tell you….It’s amazing! Not only is it super comfy and well-sized for your dog’s body, but the fabric selection is on point and stylish.

I wouldn’t mind leaving one of these beds out in my living room for all my guests to see because they’re works of art!

There’s a print for every taste: Lemon Yellow, Birch Bark, Nautical Anchors, Mauve Flowers, or Grey Origami Dogs. When I first saw the Wood print pillow at the show my initial thought was that it would be great for a cottage because it was so rustic and chic!


Be One Breed’s booth courtesy of their Facebook profile.


Seriously, I love the look of these beds. I think they’re the most stylish I’ve ever seen on the market for dogs. They go to show that your dog’s accessories can be just as stylish and unique as your own, and they can complement your home décor tastes instead of being an eyesore. Your dog’s stylish  accessories don’t have to break the bank either. You can snatch one of Be One Breed’s Cloud Pillows for between $45 and $65 CAD. That is such a steal!! (Check out their website now for 10% off when their ecommerce store launches in the next couple weeks!)

Be One Breed is a Quebec based company that offers the necessary pet accessories you need, but with your aesthetic tastes in mind. If you’ve found a print you love, get ready to pair it with one of their adorable matching food bowls! Be One Breed has chosen bright and joyful prints to liven up your home, and quality materials to make sure your dog is well cared for.

That’s all for now, dog lovers! Be sure to subscribe for more great gift ideas and healthy snacks for your pup!


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