Open Farm Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Giveaway!

OF giveaway 1

Today marks the one year anniversary of Open Farm’s launch in pet stores across the country.

(Read on to find out about the giveaway we’re hosting to celebrate!)

Open farm has had a very busy year promoting their ethically raised and sourced pet food. They’ve stood out against their competitors in the Natural Pet Food area by ensuring that their dog foods are not only nutritious, but that they “do some good” in the world as well.


Open Farm uses meat and poultry that has been raised under Certified Humane conditions, fed a vegetarian diet free of antibiotics and hormones, and that has been raised with space, shelter and the ability to engage in natural behaviours.

The fish they use has been caught seasonally, with sustainable fishing practices, and is ocean caught—never farmed.

Their vegetables and fruits are sourced locally, and their recipes are free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavouring and preservatives. And of course, Open Farm dog food never contains ingredients from China.

What more could you ask for from your pet’s food?


In the past year, Open Farm has had a number of achievements:

1.In October 2014 Open Farm became Humane Farm Animal Care’s first official pet food partner and first pet food to carry the Certified Humane label.

2.In December 2014 Open Farm became an official Ocean Wise Partner.

3.In June 2015, Open Farm became an official Seafood Watch Partner.

4.In October 2015 Open Farm won the Petfood 2.0 – 2015 Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 Innovation Award

5. In October 2015 Jacqueline Prehogan, co-founder of Open Farm, won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the category of Emerging Entrepreneur.

6.In the past year, Open Farm has donated a total of 6400 lbs of Open Farm dog food to deserving animal rescue groups.

7.Over the past year, Open Farm has expanded into more than 1000 Stores across Canada and the U.S.

8. One of Open Farm’s biggest achievements has been being able to help educate a wide audience about farm animal welfare

As a conscientious consumer, feeding Open Farm to my pet just makes sense. It ticks all the boxes that I want it to, it makes me feel like I’m helping to make a difference by choosing this Humane Certified food over others, and it passes my dog’s taste test—and he’s very particular with his food. We love Open Farm and we want you to love it as well!

To celebrate their one year anniversary of launching in stores, we’ve partnered with Open Farm to give two lucky winners a 4.5lb bag of one of their outstanding pet foods! You won’t want to miss this contest!

From November 3rd until November 10th, upload a photo of your dog to Instagram showing them “doing some good”—it could be recycling, helping a friend, giving back to the community…be creative!

Tag @giveadogaboneblog and @OpenFarmPet. Be sure to use the hashtag #DoSomeGoodGiveaway to enter. The top two photos will be selected as our winners! The contest is open to Canada and the continental USA.

What are you waiting for? Grab that camera and begin your photo shoot!


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