Hot or Cold, PetTherapeutics Has You Covered!

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When Katy Perry wrote “You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no. You’re in then you’re out, You’re up then you’re down…” we thought for sure that she was talking about her dog.

Our dogs love being outdoors in all sorts of weather. Their thick coats may keep them warm in the winter but, come summer, they’re often panting relentlessly. While some dogs seek the shelter of a cool basement or tile floor, others are a little more picky with where and what they sleep on. Dogs with aches and pains may find tiles just too hard to be comfortable. In other cases, tiles may not regulate the dog’s temperature adequately, in which case you’ll find your dog moving from floor to couch on a repeating cycle.

What is the solution, you may ask? Pet Therapeutics!

This summer we tested one line of PetTherapeutics’ bedding for dogs- TheraCool. While our main goal was to keep our doggy testers cool, PetTherapeutics also carries Orthopedic Memory Foam beds, TheraWarm self-heating beds, as well as a MagnaPedic Magnetic Relief bed. There really is something for everyone!

Our TheraCool bed was mailed to us quite quickly. The bed consists of two parts: the inner cool gel pad, and the multi-layer mesh slip cover. It was incredibly easy to assemble the two parts. The mesh slip cover zips up and acts as a protective cover for the gel, but also makes clean up very easy. Simply unzip, and throw in the wash.

Soothing Cool Gel

The TheraCool pad is made of non-toxic gel cells designed to “reduce inflammation, provide support, ease pain and promote circulation.”

I was so happy to hear that the gel was non toxic. While the majority of our doggy testers aren’t chewers, our one year old Labrador, Pepper, is still unpredictable.

When you consider that a bed is something a dog is often confined to a kennel with (usually unsupervised) you can start to see how a bored pup could find comfort munching on the corner of its bedding.With the chew guard mesh and non-toxic gel, you can put your mind at ease!

We have one senior dog on our team of Doggy Testers, and I believe that she enjoyed the TheraCool bed the most. While the other dogs occasionally slept on the bed, Muffin seemed to gravitate towards its cool padding.

At 12 years old, Muffin’s ready to enjoy the finer things in life- like a relaxing, TheraCool bed! Not one to sleep directly on the floor, Muffin typically turned to carpets or padded furniture to lay on. While more comfortable than hardwood, they didn’t do much to cool her down. The TheraCool bed provides a cushioned way to relax and wick away excess body heat.


I found that the TheraCool bed was perfect for putting underneath our Queen-sized bedframe for nights when Bachaesh just wanted to sleep on the floor. It was flat and thin enough that he could get onto it easily, but padded and cool enough that it was relaxing on hot summer nights.

It rolls up easily when it comes time to move it, and takes up no more space than a yoga mat.

For those of you who do have a kennel, these would be perfect as kennel liners as they come in various sizes, and can be switched out by season. As we approach Winter, think about how lovely a TheraWarm self warming reflective pad would be to snuggle up in!

Pet Therapeutics’ beds are quite affordable and are divided into three  sizes:

Small (under 15 lbs), Medium (15-35lbs) and Large (35lbs and up).

PetTherapeutics, Dog Beds

Courtesy of PetTherapeutics

Prices range from $19.99 to $99.99 depending on the size and type of bed you want. In fact, if you can’t decide which bed you want to try first, you can get all four (in size small, for example, only $30)!

I’d recommend PetTherapeutics to pet owners looking for affordable bedding that is pet-safe. There are plenty of gel beds out there for dogs, but PetTherapeutics is one of the most affordable options while still being high quality, easy to clean, and user friendly.

Watch PetTherapeutics’ Video to learn more!


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