Dr. Harvey’s: The Go-To for Happy, Healthy Pets

Dr. Harveys Review

At Give a Dog a Bone, we’re dedicated to finding the healthiest pet treats and foods, and sharing our discoveries with all of you!

One of our latest discovery is a company that’s been around for 30 years; one that’s equally dedicated to providing pet owners with the best in pet nutrition and care.

Dr. Harvey’s makes healthy, nutritious foods and all-natural care products for companion animals. Their products are organic, chemical free, and made with the finest ingredients.  We think they’re pretty amazing!

Dr. Harvey’s was kind enough to send us some products to review. I am super excited to introduce you to this great company and their wholesome, natural products.

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Our first two treats were the Coconut Smiles and the Sweet Potate’r Chews.

Both treats contain only one ingredient, and are therefore simple, healthy alternatives to traditional dog treats.

The Coconut Smiles are thin  half-moon slices of dehydrated Coconut that look like smiles. Full of fibre and nutrients, Coconut is a superfood for dogs. Dr. Harvey’s sources only the best coconuts-directly from the farmers. They have been harvested using sustainable practices and in agreement with Fair Trade policies. I wasn’t sure if Bachaesh (our lead taste tester) would like Coconut, but it turns out that he absolutely loves it! When he turns his nose up at other baked treats, he’ll still happily accept a crispy Coconut Smile. ($7.95 for 4oz bag)

sweet potato close up

As for the Sweet Potate’r Chews….They’re a staple in our household because Bachaesh loves them so much. I’m not a fan of rawhide treats, so I look for other healthier alternatives to keep our dogs busy and occupied. These Sweet Potate’r Chews are made from potatoes that are grown and dried in the USA. They contain no artificial colours, preservatives or by-products. They’re the perfect chewy treat for any pup. ($9.95 for 70z bag)

Barkotti, Barkotti Review, Dr Harveys Review, Dr Harveys, Coconut Dog treats, Natural Dog Treats, Organic Dog Treats, Organic Dog Treats, Gluten Free Dog Treats, Meat Free Dog Treats

Next, we have Barkotti- a Handmade Biscotti for Dogs!

Made with organic ingredients, Barkotti caters to the finer side of our Canine Companions. Barkotti is a meat-free treat that is also wheat, corn and soy free–perfect for dogs with food allergies! The Barkotti is made from organic Oat and Barley flour, Flaxseed Oil, 8 vegetables, 7 herbs, Apples and Bee Pollen.

If you have a dog who gobbles up treats in the blink of an eye, these may be for you. Barkotti is a very dense treat and is perfect to help your dog’s teeth stay clean as they gnaw and crunch each piece. The natural herbs (Parsley, Peppermint, etc.) help to keep your dog’s breath fresh. Again, these treats are great to keep your dog occupied as they take a little longer to chew. We put them in one of Bachaesh’s treat balls to offer him a challenge. (1lb for $13.95)

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Ingredients talk about the food they represent.

Veg-to-Bowl is our next product.

Veg-to-Bowl is essentially dehydrated vegetables and herbs that are pre-mixed to make your dog’s meal prep faster and easier. It’s designed to be re-hydrated and added to either a home-prepared meal or in conjunction with a raw diet. My first thought was “This is great, but why can’t I just use my own fresh vegetables?” And then I read the ingredients. Sure I could use fresh vegetables and herbs, but my fridge would never contain the variety of nutrient-rich veggies, herbs and vitamins that Veg-to-Bowl has all at one time. Alfalfa, beets, Flaxseed, Fennel,Kelp…Veg-to-Bowl has it all!

Having all of these veggies and herbs handy, and shelf stable, makes life so much easier and it also means that I never have to compromise my dog’s diet just because I run out of groceries. Veg-to-Bowl comes with a handy scoop for easy portioning and a feeding guide.

Since we don’t currently feed our dog a raw diet, we use the rehydrated veggies mixed into the food that we serve on a daily basis. Bachaesh is a vegetable lover so he adores the addition of these new flavours to his food.

Veg-to-Bowl is perfect for dog owners that feed raw, those that want to expand the variety of nutrients their dog eats, and also for those busy pet parents who need easy, convenient meal ideas for their pets. (1lb bag for $12.95)

Dr Harveys Mineral Supplement, Dog Supplements, Dr Harveys, Coconut Dog treats, Natural Dog Treats, Organic Dog Treats, Organic Dog Treats, Gluten Free Dog Treats, Organic Dog Vitamins,

Speaking of expanding the nutrients your dog eats…. Dr. Harvey’s has a Whole Food & Herbal Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Dogs. It’s a powder created from a combination of wild-crafted and organic herbs with vitamins and minerals. It comes with a little scoop for easy portioning and is a simple addition to any dog’s meal.

multi vitamin close up

As the website says: “Animals can benefit greatly from the healing properties of certain herbs. In fact, in the wild, animals often find and eat herbs that grow in nature, as they instinctively know how to heal themselves.” This makes a lot of sense. In my own eating habits, I’ve returned to a much more natural diet. I’ve cut out processed foods in exchange for nutrient packed superfoods. Since our dogs are eating what we give them (aside from those blades of grass in the back yard) we have to be very conscious of the nutrient content of their pet foods. Humans eat a varied diet daily, supplement with multi-vitamins and even teas. Dogs get one or two scoops of food a day and maybe some treats. Do you know what’s in their food?  A supplement may help dogs with some health problems, and can be part of a healthy eating regimen.

We mixed it in with wet food for our super picky senior dog, Muffin and she chowed down! The green colour and the faint herbal scent was definitely not an issue for her.

Frosty Treats

For Bachaesh, we made some Frosty Treats by mixing one portion of the supplement with some plain, low fat yogurt and freezing. He thought it was a delicious treat for a hot summer day.

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Last, but not least, Dr. Harvey’s sent us herbal Protection Shampoo and Ear Wash. I love these products. They’re completely chemical free, cruelty free, biodegradable and made in the USA.

The Protection Shampoo is a sulfate free conditioning shampoo that’s perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. It leaves the fur silky smooth, and it soothes and moisturizes with natural oils and extracts.

Just from touching the shampoo while lathering your dog, you’ll feel the difference–The Protection Shampoo feels so glossy and it rinses out very easily. Extracts from Citronella, Eucalyptus, etc. keep the bugs and mosquitos away from your dog, while Coconut oil, Aloe and Chamomile soothe dry skin. I absolutely adore this shampoo and will be taking it up to the Cottage for all the family dogs to enjoy. Judging from the number of Black Flies and Mosquitos this year it will be getting a lot of use! ($17.95 for 16 oz bottle)

Finally, the Herbal Ear Wash is another all natural solution to ear wax build up, odours, and minor abrasions. Pepper, our one-year old Black Lab tester, recently tried the solution with magnificent results. By simply applying the solution to the ear canal and gently removing wax build up with a clean cotton ball, Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Ear Wash effectively cleaned and sanitized her ears. The antifungal, antibacterial wash is gentle enough for extended use, even multiple times per week. The nozzle on the top made it extra easy to control the flow and direction of the Herbal Ear Wash. I would definitely recommend it to other pet owners looking for a natural cleaning solution. ($13.95 for 4 oz bottle.)

Well, that’s our collection from Dr. Harvey’s! But don’t think that’s all that they carry. They have a wide array of other natural products for dogs, and also cats, birds and horses.

Now that I’ve found Dr. Harvey’s I know that I’m going to be a repeat customer. With so many dogs having allergic reactions to chemical based repellants, medications, supplements and foods, I have to ask myself why I’d risk my dog’s well-being when I can  have healthier, superior, natural products from companies like Dr. Harvey’s.

I am very impressed with all of the products from Dr. Harvey’s, and I will definitely continue to recommend them and use them on my own dog.

Make sure to visit their site to see all of their impressive products!


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