Volcanoes, Molecular Science, and Dog Shampoo: Mineral Spa has it all!

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With Mother’s Day this past weekend, I’m sure a lot of you were either dreaming of a Spa Getaway, or were fortunate enough to receive one. Whether you relaxed at home or at the spa, you may have been reminded of another family member that’s due for a spa day: your fur kid!

We all know dogs will be dogs- they roll anywhere they please. Sometimes an innocent nap on the lawn, or romp at the dog park, can leave your dog smelling less than ideal, and on those days you want to be sure you have a shampoo that is up for the task of deep cleaning and moisturizing.

Typically, we use both a shampoo and a conditioner on our dog, Bachaesh, because, as a Yorkie Shih Tzu, his fur is quite long and fine. Other pet owners are concerned with dry skin, and other skin conditions that may be aggravated by  certain ingredients.

My number one pet peeve with pet shampoos is overwhelming scents. I’m all for a nice, light waft of florals every now and then, but if my dog smells like a walking air freshener, I draw the line!

It is because of these issues we’ve all faced that I’m so happy to tell you about a new line of shampoo for dogs called Mineral Spa by Reliq.

Reliq 1-6 H

We first heard about Mineral Spa at Global Pet Expo in Orlando. After heading home with some samples, we were ready to find out whether these shampoos were really different than other dog shampoos.

What makes Mineral Spa shampoo initially different is that it contains a mineral found in volcanic regions of the world. The mineral is pulverized into such a fine powder that it easily gets down to the skin surface to help loosen up the grime and elminate the odors. This nano-enchanced mineral –weathered, volcanic ash– acts as a medicinal powdered clay, absorbing unwanted oils, toxins, etc. It also claims to stimulate skin “by bringing fresh blood to damaged skin cells, revitalizing the complexion, and tightening pores.”

Now, Bachaesh doesn’t have any skin conditions so I can’t personally verify those results (though there are some amazing before and after photos on their pamphlets), however I can speak to the impressive cleansing effects of Mineral Spa.


Mineral Spa contains no dyes, chlorine, alcohol or parabens, and has been created specifically with dogs in mind with a PH Balance of 7.5 (Compared to Humans at 5.5). Their ingredient list is short, all natural and eco-safe.

What I love about this shampoo is that a little goes a looong way. I expected to have to use a lot of shampoo to rid Bachaesh’s fur of the stink, but I was pleasantly surprised to find  that this wasn’t the case. In fact, I was even more pleased at how easily the shampoo washed out. I’ve tried some shampoos that are so “sticky” that it takes multiple rinses to get it all out. Anybody with a squirmy dog knows this just adds unnecessary chaos to an already difficult situation.

Also, after worrying what Bachaesh’s fur would be like without a conditioner, I was relieved to see that his fur seemed conditioned– it was soft, and residue free. Not only will this discovery save me an extra step in the bathing process, but  it  also saves me the money I would have spent on a conditioner.

The best part was that my dog smelled heavenly, and wasn’t smothered by scent!

Mineral Spa shampoo comes in a variety of scents: Pomegranate, Rosemary, Lavender, Jasmine and Green Tea. We particularly liked the Pomegranate scent, and found it light, fresh and delicious. You can buy a 500ml bottle of shampoo for $14.99 US, or two sample pouches for $5.00 (Great idea if you want to find the perfect scent for you!)

I absolutely loved using this shampoo and had great results from it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an effective, all natural, good smelling shampoo, and also to pet parents who have pups with skin concerns. We give Mineral Spa two paws up!


Reliq also carries other bathing and odor control products for dogs including skin solution, ear solution, and odor eliminator sprays (in the five previous scents, as well as mint and unscented).  You can view retailers here.


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