Happy Pup Treats: A Subscription

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Well, Pup Parents, we’ve found you another fabulous subscription box for your fur babies! Not only is this box packed full of tasty, all natural, and organic treats, but it’s also hand made with love in Canada!

Give a Dog a Bone proudly presents the Happy Pup Treats box!

Happy Pup Treats are made from carefully selected natural ingredients, and your pup’s unique food sensitivities can happily be accommodated. Creators, Natasha and Jen, and their taste testing pup named Panda, strive to provide your four-legged friends with healthy, organic goodies. For every five subscriptions Happy Pup Treats receives, one box is donated to a rescue. Happy Pup Treats also has a reoccurring #GivingDay where the first two subscribers get to choose  a rescue or shelter to receive a free test box. We love their generosity!

Peanut Butter Banana Balls, Organic Dog Treats, Happy Pup TreatsFirst in our box were these tasty Peanut Butter and Banana Balls. Made with banana, rolled oats, parsley, egg and all natural peanut butter, these bite-sized treats freshen your pup’s breath and clean their teeth.

Happy Pup Treats Subscription Box

Four of these Peanut Butter Puppies found their way into the box, and then swiftly into Bachaesh’s tummy! We appreciated the cute puppy shapes because, well, who doesn’t want to eat cookies this cute? I made a huge mess when I opened these (Such a butter fingers!) and pieces of PB Puppies went flying all over. Needless to say, they were pre-portioned for Bachaesh’s pleasure.

sweet potato chews

These Sweet Potato Chews were incredibly impressive. Most Sweet Potato treats I have encountered have been thick and rather chewy. These were thinly sliced and quite crisp, like a potato chip. They were sprinkled with olive oil and a bit of parsley. Don’t they look good enough for us to eat, too? Bachaesh loves anything Sweet Potato flavoured so these were a huge hit!

Salmon Treats

Rounding off our treat selection was this well sized Salmon Treat. Made with Atlantic Salmon and rolled oats, this snack was hearty and surely delicious. I gave Bachaesh half at a time, and found that, while it initially made quite a few crumbs, Bachaesh liked it so much that not a single crumb was left over! (Penny for size reference)

Damien's Best Dog Toys, Happy Pup Treats

Lastly, we received this handmade cotton rope toy from Damien’s Best Dog Toys. These toys were developed as a way to support local humane societies through toy donations. To date, Damien’s Best Dog Toys has donated 512 dog toys, and 7837 cat toys. This toy is incredibly rugged, and we will be gifting it to our resident  chewer, Pepper, who will be turning one this week! Happy Pup Treats endeavors to  include new natural toys in each box.

I am very happy with the  Happy Pup Treats box. I really like that the treats are all unique, and have that homemade look. It somehow was more rewarding to see Bachaesh enjoy these treats, knowing the care that goes into them. Bachaesh  absolutely adored all of the treats, and never needed persuading to try them. That translates to “two paws up!” in dog.

You can purchase your own 6 month, 12 month or tester box for as little as $15 CAD/month (plus $4-$5 shipping). Boxes ship on the 10th of each month to Canada and the US.

Emily & Bachaesh


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