A Treat for the Best Dog in the World!

Paws Barkery, Nutter Bites, Snicker Doodles, Cookie's Kisses, Candice Conway

Many people have fallen prey to puppy dog eyes. They’ve spent some cold hard cash on giant bones for their tea cup pooches, cute doggy raincoats, and plenty of other goodies just because they can’t refuse that face! Each of our dogs have a look that makes us melt on the spot and give in. When Bachaesh, my Yorkie Shih Tzu,  smiles his toothy grin at me, I can’t help but want to spoil him. For Candice Conway, one look at her adorable dog, Cookie, was all it took to persuade her to buy an entire company!

Candice Conway lives in Pennsylvania. When her son went off to college he urged her to get a dog to keep her company. What she found in her new dog, Cookie, was more than just companionship–she was also a business partner!

When Cookie’s favourite treat company went out of business Candice was forced to decide between Cookie being without her favourite treats in the world, or buying the company. Naturally, Candice took the plunge and bought the company, updating the packaging and slightly tweaking the recipe. Today she’s secured Paws Barkery’s future, and a happy, treat-filled future for Cookie as well! They also make a point of donating treats to their local shelters. PAWsome!

Paws Barkery, Give a Dog a Bone

Paws Barkery makes treats for “the best dog in the world–yours and mine.” As Pet Parents, we all feel that our pups have something special about them that makes them unique, and we want to treat our pups like the individuals they are-with  individual taste preferences, but also with their health in mind.

Paws Barkery

Paws Barkery has three flavours of treats: Cookie’s Kisses (Carob & Vanilla), Nutter Bites (Crunchy Peanut Butter) and Cookie’s personal favourite, Bow Wow Snicker Doodles (Honey & Cinnamon).

I had the pleasure of meeting Candice at Global Pet Expo at the beginning of March and she kindly offered to send me some treats to try with Bachaesh. When we received the treats and opened the packaging, a heavenly cinnamon scent wafted through the air. My mouth watered, Bachaesh’s mouth watered…. The treats smell absolutely phenomenal. In fact, I tried to offer the Snicker Doodles to unsuspecting family members to see if they’d take the bait. Had I not interrupted them mid-reach, I’m sure they would have snacked on a few.

paws barkery 4edit

This confusion is not really surprising. The cookies look like they’re lovingly home-cooked, they smell like human cookies, and their ingredients are simple and recognizable. Take the Carob & Vanilla treats for example. Their ingredient list is short: Wheat Flour, Canola Oil, Honey, Egg, Carob, Baking Soda and Vanilla. VOILA! And, because they are all-natural, the treats are preserved only with honey- no chemicals here!

I absolutely love the simplicity of these recipes, and Bachaesh loves to munch away on the cookies. If you are a regular reader of the blog you’ll be familiar with my mantra “know what’s in your dog’s food.” These cookies are a great example of simple tastiness. Treats don’t need to be complex to be good.

Paws Barkery treats are currently only being sold in the USA. They’re available from a number of US retailers. However, if you’d really like to see Paws Barkery treats come to a shop near you, have your local store owner contact Candice through her site.

We thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to share the love, so we’re giving away 3 bags of Paws Barkery treats (one of each flavour)! You can enter the giveaway starting today through the Contests & Giveaway tab on the blog, or by clicking the Giveaway tab on our Facebook page. (Open to US and Canada)

Candice is such a sweet lady, and her love and adoration for her dog, Cookie, is apparent throughout her site, and on the packaging of her treats. We want to thank her for generously sending us samples to review, and the treats for our giveaway!

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And as always,  Thanks for reading!

Emily & Bachaesh




3 thoughts on “A Treat for the Best Dog in the World!

  1. Alex paul says:

    Homemade dog treats are much better than those packet food and even my dog is a great fan of homemade treats. The steps that you have mention in post is seems to be very is easy and I am going to try this today only.

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