Get Ready for Spring with PawPak!

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Spring is finally here, and with April’s showers come May’s flowers… and a whole lot of mud! Anticipating our needs, as they often do, PawPak came to the rescue.

PawPak is a Canadian-based subscription box for dogs. Every month they’ll send you and your pup a box of goodies- everything from treats to helpful accessories.

For as low as $24.95/ month your pup can get a taste of this monthly goodie box, with free shipping as well! Visit their website to see all of their subscription plans.

This month was all about being prepared. Rain or shine, PawPak had us covered for whatever lay ahead.

Earth Bath Grooming Wipes, Earthbath Wipes

First off, we have Earthbath’s All-Natural Grooming Wipes. These wet wipes are hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free. They come in a package of 100 wipes, and are alcohol-free and Lanolin-free.

I really liked these wipes. Each wipe is about the size of a DVD case, super moist, and pretty durable. I love that these wipes are fragrance free because sometimes I feel that scented pet products are just too strong. I don’t want my dog to be the house air freshener after he gets wiped down.

Earthbath’s wipes say that they’re safe for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies, will not remove spot-on flea control treatments, and contain no animal ingredients. The handy plastic container they’re stored in helps to keep the wipes moist, and the lid is spring loaded for easy opening. Anybody who has had to hold on to a squirming puppy with who-knows-what hanging off of their fur will appreciate the convenience of this easy-open tub. Could these wipes get any better?! I will definitely be adding these wipes to my car for daily dog-park visits!

Earthbath also has 5 other Grooming Wipes available which can be found here.

Trumps Treats Review, Trumps Choice Rewards

Next up, we have some tasty treats by Trümps Choice Rewards. These savoury lamb flavour treats are about the size of the end of your finger, and are under 1.5 calories each. The treats are made in Canada with “real liver” (so glad it’s not fake liver!), enriched with Omega 3’s and natural lamb flavouring. All joking aside, the ingredients on these treats look pretty good- Organic Sea Kelp, Ground Flax Seed, Ground Barley. There are a few ingredients, such as sucrose, that I could ideally do without but all-in-all these treats are some that I would be ok with feeding to my dog. And of course, that’s what I did. The bag is now completely empty because Bachaesh LOVED these meaty treats! We used them in his treat ball and we put them in our pockets when we went out on trips so that we could reward his good behaviour.  I would give Trumps treas to him again.

Skinneeez Lion Toy,

Sometimes when it’s muddy outside it’s best to have an indoor play day. On those days you may wish you had a Skinneeez stuffing-free toy for your pup to play with.

I’m a big fan (and promoter) of stuffing-free toys because, as a puppy, Bachaesh narrowly avoided some serious surgery after having swallowed some synthetic stuffing. He was never really a shredder, but some of his toys were poorly made and he inevitably ripped the stitching moments after receiving the toy. That’s something pet owners don’t have to worry about with Skinneeez toys, because there’s no stuffing!

There are two squeakers in this lion toy (so always inspect your dogs toys after and during play) and it stretches up to 36.” Great toy!

Bosco and Roxy's

The snow is melting and so it is only fitting to have a gourmet dog treat to reflect that. This adorable melted snowman cookie from Bosco & Roxy’s is a cute treat to give to your pup. Believe it or not, all of the ingredients are pup friendly. Featuring whole wheat and spelt flour, apple sauce, honey, peanut butter and more, this special occasion treat is sure to get the humans just as excited as the pups. Remember to portion these treats for your particular dog’s size as they could pose a choking hazard for dogs who don’t thoroughly chew their food.


This magnet included in our PawPak may not be for the dogs, but it sure is useful for me! As a dog lover, I will never say no to something practical, colourful and pup-related. This magnet is currently on my fridge and is used to hold up a picture of Bachaesh kayaking with Mo and I.

Earth Rated Poop Bags, Earth Rated,

And of course, no PawPak is complete without Earth Rated poop bags! After having spent last weekend doing the annual backyard poo-pick-up I have come to love Earth Rated’s bags above all others. They’re incredibly durable, large in size, and are even nicely scented. I really like that Paw Pak sends us two rolls of bags in every box because I haven’t had to buy bags in months!

We loved this PawPak and we are ready to tackle Springtime head-on!

If you’d like to learn more about PawPak you can view their website here.

Thank you, PawPak, for another great box!

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Hugs and tail wags!

Emily & Bachaesh



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