The First Semi-Moist Starch Free Dog Food

Tender Moist Dog Food, Waggers Tender Moist, Waggers Dog Food Review

Small dog owners may have realized that dry foods and dry biscuit treats just don’t cut it for their pups. As the pet parent of a Yorkie Shih Tzu, I’ve noticed that dry foods just don’t captivate my dog, Bachaesh’s, attention like meaty, moist foods do.


chicken recipe Tendermoist Turkey and Salmon

Waggers, the creators of TenderMoist, have tackled this dilemma head-on with their Soft & Moist dog foods. Their three flavours- Chicken, Chicken & Duck, and Turkey & Salmon- are targeted towards small breed dogs up to 22 pounds (and have some of the cutest packaging in the industry!)

Waggers created TenderMoist food to provide an alternative to wet/raw dog foods with the ease of a kibble, and without the mess. The Soft & Moist dog food is free of grain and starch. This is important because some dogs have food intolerances or sensitivities  associated with gluten, and starches are often used to “glue” highly-processed ingredients together and convert quickly to sugar in your dog’s digestive system–contributing to obesity and tooth decay.

Waggers kindly sent us a 3 pound bag of the Chicken & Duck Recipe to try out.

The Experience

Each kibble piece is about the size of a pea and is moist–appealing to the discerning tastes of small breed dogs. I let two of our taste testers (Pepper and Muffin) have first try of the moist food (while we were at its launch at Global Pet Expo), and had positive feedback when we returned. Once home, we tried the food out on Bachaesh, our nearly 3 year old Yorkie Shih-Tzu, who is a bit of a picky eater.

As I mentioned earlier, Bachaesh is not a fan of most dry treats. When the ladies at the pet store offer him traditional dog biscuits he turns his nose up and walks away. He’s definitely food motivated, but the quality of the food and the flavour matters immensely.

Tender Moist Review, Waggers Review

 I was pleased to see that Bachaesh enjoyed TenderMoist, especially when we put it in a treat-dispensing ball for him to play with. I loved that the kibbles were small so that we could use them as regular food, or even as a reward for training.

TenderMoist dog food contains over 90% animal protein ingredients and less than 12% carbohydrates (Great for pups watching their waistlines!) Because the pieces are moist, they don’t crumble  if you want to carry a few with you in your pocket for training purposes. Also, since they contain 30% moisture (3 times the amount found in dry kibble) I’ve noticed that he is less thirsty throughout the day. (This is not to say, however, that water should be any less available while feeding this food.) They’ll stay moist in your pup’s bowl for about 10 hours. Awesome.

Tender Moist Dog Food Fits Perfectly in a Treat Ball

Tender Moist Dog Food Fits Perfectly in a Treat Ball

While looking at the ingredient list, the first thought that came to mind was “That’s a long list.” So, I looked up every ingredient in TenderMoist dog food so that I could be an informed consumer. I would encourage all pet owners to do the same with ANY pet food you’re considering because it is important to know what you’re feeding your dog.

After doing some research, I discovered that all of the ingredients are considered all-natural, with 95% being sourced from Canada or the US, and nothing coming from China. I’m generally of the opinion that less is more. However, I also realize that some dogs may have mineral or vitamin deficiencies and the addition of these ingredients could contribute to better health. And we ALL want healthy fur-kids, right?

The Verdict

Overall, I was satisfied with this food, and my dogs enjoyed it. I’ve spoken to some owners of small dogs who say it’s a struggle to get their dog to eat, or that their dog has food allergies. I think TenderMoist may be an option for those pet owners.

Additionally, I think this food is a healthier alternative to some moist training treats on the market. The convenient size of the kibble makes them a low-cal treat  for dogs of any size or age.

Expert tip: Consider mixing TenderMoist food with natural peanut butter and stuffing into a Kong for those days where you just need five minutes of quiet.

Wagger’s TenderMoist  food comes in 3lb ($27.99-$30.99) and 6lb bags ($49.99-$59.99) and is available online and in stores. The brand also carries treats for larger dogs, cats, and soft & moist food for cats. So be sure to check out the rest of their product line. There’s something for everybody!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews and a couple giveaways too!

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Emily & Bachaesh



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