When Your Dogs Are Crazy For Treats You Know It’s A Full Moon!

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We were away at Global Pet Expo last week, scouring the aisles to bring  you, and your dog, treats with natural, wholesome ingredients.  Full Moon was one of our tasty discoveries! We asked them to send us some of their chicken treats for us to rigorously inspect. Read on for our thoughts.

full moon chicken strips

Full Moon’s “kitchen-crafted natural dog treats” tick all the boxes of pet parents when it comes to selecting a natural, gluten-free treat for their dogs. There have been a lot of worries lately about where our pets’ treats come from, and confusion when packaging says they are a North American product, but their meat ingredients are sourced elsewhere. In fact, this frustration was the whole reason the  Perdue family-owned and operated business started.

I am proud to report that Full Moon’s meats are raised in the USA on family farms. Their chickens and turkeys are cage free, fed a natural diet free of steroids and hormones. Their beef is raised on a free-range ranch in the USA, and their pork is also raised on family farms, nourished without steroids and hormones.

When we first received the Chicken Jerky treats and the Chicken Strips, the first thing I did was read the ingredients. While their ingredients consist of more than just chicken, they are ingredients you still feel good about feeding your pup–and the list is short and simple.

Full Moon Chicken Strips

The Chicken Strips are a nice light treat, containing Chicken, Brown Rice Syrup, Vinegar and Green Tea Extract. The strips appear to be a blended mixture of the above ingredients, reformed into a rectangular strip, with score marks for easy portioning. What I really liked about this treat is how easily it breaks apart into small pieces. Because the strip in made from blended Human-grade cuts of chicken, I found that the pieces that I broke off were not jagged, unlike some chicken strips that are purely dried chicken. I’m always concerned when I leave treats for my dog that he may choke, or that he may get a sharp piece stuck in his throat. While this could still be a potential hazard with any treat, I actually feel a lot better leaving the Full Moon Chicken Strips for him.

Full Moon Chicken Jerky

The Chicken Jerky treats, in comparison, were a much denser treat- similar to traditional jerky- and were also scored for easy breakage. These treats are marketed as a Hip & Joint Health treat because of their added Glucosamine and USA sourced Chondroitinused to treat Osteoarthritis. The other four ingredients are, quite simply, Chicken Breast, Dried Cane Molasses, Vinegar and Turmeric. Molasses and Turmeric, of course, have been used for quite some time as natural remedies for various ailments. It is no surprise that they’re appearing in pet treats these days. These treats were also gluten-free, corn and soy free, as well as USA made.

Chicken Jerky full moon

My dog, Bachaesh, absolutely loved these treats. In fact, he kept begging for more. I love that these treats have high quality, simple ingredients and are quite affordable. You can break them apart and use them as training treats, in a treat ball or even as a food topper for picky eaters. I’d definitely buy these treats for my dog, and recommend them to other dog owners. Your dogs are what they eat, so feed them well!


You can compare Full Moon’s treats to competitors on their website.

The treats are available online through Amazon and Walmart- priced at approximately $14 for a 12 ounce bag. Or, you can find USA stores that carry the treats here.

Stay tuned for more great treats and remember to subscribe!

Emily & Bachaesh




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