February PawPak Review

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Winter is winding down, and soon dogs around the North will be able to enjoy the freedom the outdoors brings. In the meantime, however,  being stuck indoors can really bite! To make those days a little more bearable, PawPak sent us a medium box of goodies to keep our dogs active.

PawPak is a subscription box for Canines based in Woodstock, Ontario. Prices for PawPak range from $24.95-$34/month depending on the length of subscription you sign up for (month-to-month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months) and includes FREE SHIPPING! Also, PawPak donates 10% of their profits to Canadian Shelters and Rescues, which I think is awesome!

Without further ado, I give you PAWPAK!

Bonbal, Petprojekt, bonbal review

Bonbal: Is it a bone? Is it a ball? It’s both! This is seriously such a cool toy. Made from 100% natural rubber, this toy by Pet Projekt transforms from a bone-shaped toy into a ball by inverting the ends.

Bonbal, Pet projekt

The ball then performs perfectly as a “treat ball,” by inserting some small treats into the ball for your determined pooch to figure out how to extract. The dogs in my family absolutely LOVED this toy. As a treat ball, my Yorkie Shih-Tzu found the ball easy to roll, relatively easy (but not overly easy) to dispense treats from, and lightweight to pick up. Bachaesh is quite the expert when it comes to treat balls, and this one passed his tests. When he has emptied the treat ball and wants it refilled he’ll usually bring it over to either Mo or myself, and toss it in our direction and then sit, looking at us, as if to say “There. I emptied it. Refill, please.”

I mention this because the joy of having a convertible treat ball is that when the day is over, and your dog has had more than his fill of food, you can convert the ball back into a bone and then it becomes clear that “food time” is over. It also makes cleaning the toy a lot easier, and opens up the possibilities of using it as a “kong” as well. Priced at between $7 and $13, this toy is an amazing buy if your four-legged friend likes to work for his/her food. Love it!

Charlee Bear Liver Treats, Charlee Bear Review

Next up we have the classic Charlee Bear treats in Liver flavour. These treats are dime-sized and low calorie at just 3 calories per treat. This is important because calories can add up quickly when you’re using food in a treat ball. Low-cal options are great, especially if you can mix in some of your dog’s regular food as well.

 Dogs seem to love Charlee Bear- even Bachaesh who usually doesn’t like “biscuit” treats. These treats were the perfect size for the BonBal above, and probably would fit most treat balls. They DO contain wheat flour, so if your pup has a gluten allergy I’d suggest you stay away from these at this time. Otherwise, their ingredient list is short and simple with Poultry Liver, Salt, Garlic Powder and Tocopherols to preserve freshness. At $3 a bag these are quite affordable.

JW Invincible rings

Next, we have “Invincible Chains” by JW. These connected rings are made out of durable natural rubber and come in a variety of colours. We gave this toy to 10-month old Lab, Pepper, to play with as they were more in line with her toy preferences. Unsurprisingly, she loved them at first sight and has not – to my knowledge- destroyed them…yet.

Pepper with Rings

The chains seemed quite durable to me. With extensive play and tugging they might see some wear and tear, but as a consumer I’d be pretty confident purchasing these for $13.

Village Fare Sweet Potato

The next tasty treat in our PawPak were these Sweet Potato Chewy Chips from Village Fare. These treats do not contain additives, artificial colours, or preservatives and the potatoes are Canadian grown, prepared and packaged. It was incredibly important to know that these treats were North American.

sweet potato sample2

 Both Prada and Bachaesh liked these a lot. Bachaesh is a big fan of Sweet Potatoes in general, having stolen one from the pantry as a puppy as -what I can only assume- a delicious treat.

 At first I was unsure about how I felt about the smaller size of the potato slices. I figured that due to the smaller packaging size they probably had to adjust their product size as well. I’m used to larger slices and having to break them in half  for my dogs. But, now I see the benefit of Village Fare’s Chewy Chips is that there is no breaking necessary. I can just take one out. Simple.

I also discovered that Village Fare (from Mono, Ontario) has some other tantalizing treats available and I will be looking forward to trying those cookies as well!

Earth Rated

And, of course, no box would be complete without some Earth Rated poop bags! I actually love that PawPak puts these in their boxes because I’m always running out and it’s nice to restock without having a whole drawer full. You can purchase Earth Rated poop bags in Lavender and Unscented varieties.

Another great box from PawPak in our opinion! If you’d like to sign up for a PawPak you can do so on their site here.

Stay tuned for our next review, and our trip to Global Pet Expo next week!

Emily & Bachaesh


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