Dogs Love Kale!

Dogs Love Kale, wheat free dog treats, gluten free dog

When you think of a healthy lifestyle, the thought of Kale is often not far behind. Kale- a relative of the broccoli, collard green and Brussels sprout families- is well-known for its nutrients; namely its vitamin K, vitamin C, beta carotene and calcium content.  Health gurus love it! But, did you know that dogs love Kale too?

Dogs Love Kale is a line of all natural dog treats, born from the need for healthy gluten free dog treats in the USA. With simple ingredients like rice flour, whole oats, kale and flax seed these treats are some of the healthiest on the market today for your pup!

Dogs Love Kale sent us samples of their three tasty flavours (Apple Crisp, Punkin, and Peanutty) to try out and review.

Dogs Love Kale Review

Bachaesh gave these treats two paws up! He usually doesn’t like “biscuits” but these ones passed. While it was important that these treats were dog-approved for flavour, it was also important to me that they passed my expectations for a healthy snack. I love that the ingredient list is simple. Each flavour contains ONLY five ingredients. I cannot express enough the reassurance I get from knowing exactly what I’m feeding my dog.

dogs love kale cookies

There are other dog treats on the market that have Kale in the ingredients, but few can compete with the simple, yet wholesome ingredients that make Dogs Love Kale shine, in my opinion. Each  ingredient in the treats is added for a purpose, not to fill space. The dynamic duo of Flax Seed and Kale team up to help make your pup’s fur softer and shinier, add fibre to their diet, and make their skin healthier.

Honestly, I should be eating these treats to take advantage of some of these health perks!

Dogs Love Kale would be great for any dogs suffering from food allergies related to gluten (but a healthy option for all dogs), and probably most popular among medium to large breed dogs.

Be sure to try one of the tasty flavours available and let us know if your dogs love Kale!

If you’re looking to buy online you can find Dogs Love Kale on Pet360 for $6.28 for a 7oz bag!

Happy Valentines Day!

Emily & Bachaesh


One thought on “Dogs Love Kale!

  1. Carolsue says:

    My dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, likes to play and eat most of all! No allergies. He’s never been in the snow or around cats, so I don’t know how he feels about those two things!

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