How To Make Your Pup’s Kisses Sweeter This Valentine’s Day!

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Nothing ruins a puppy kiss more than stinky breath. Am I right? Whether your pup’s breath hits low or high on the “Rank the Stank” scale, I’ve found one product that is sure to make all your worries fade away, just like those lingering notes of fresh marrow bone and table scraps.

Fido Biotics is a relatively new company dedicated to improving the health of your pup through their line of probiotics.

But this isn’t your Grandmother’s Acidophilus we’re talking about. No, no. Your lucky canine companion has a whole line of tantalizing options at his paws to make his gut the healthiest it has ever been, and his breath refreshing.

From flatulence-fighting daily supplements in a mouth-watering Bacon Cheeseburger flavour to, the focus of today’s review, Fried Chicken and Waffles flavoured Puppy Breath Crushers, Fido Biotics is one up-and-coming company you should definitely check out! AND, all of their products are GMO-free and Gluten free!

FIdo Biotics

Fried Chicken and Waffles…It’s not your run-of-the-mill flavour for breath fresheners, but boy is it a nice smell! It has a lovely syrupy scent that’s neither overwhelming nor underdeveloped. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my dog, Bachaesh, when I first offered him one of the quarter-sized tablets. Without hesitation, though, he happily chomped it down and then sat, looking for more.

Bachaesh has never had problematic bad breath. At nearly three years old his teeth are still pearly white. However, the added benefits of having beneficial bacterial cultures in his body along with the tasty smell of maple syrup with his morning kisses is more than enough reason for me to continue the daily ritual of dispensing a Puppy Breath Crusher.

Fido Biotics Reivew

We took the supplement to our other doggy taste testers– Prada (an 8 year old Shih-Poo), Pepper (a 9 month old lab who eats everything) and Muffin (a 12 year old senior Shih Poo with less than appealing breath)– and all of them were more than happy to freshen their breath.

In addition to 500 million CFU’s per tablet, the Puppy Breath Crushers also contain plant-based ingredients such as kale, barley grass, alfalfa and citrus bioflavonoids. These plants are naturally occurring deodorizers and are also key ingredients in a lot of human health foods and supplements.

I noticed a difference in Bachaesh’s breath after trying Puppy Breath Crushers right away. While further time is needed to see the long term benefits of a healthy gut flora, the immediate results were clear. I love that this is a supplement I don’t have to force my dog to eat. It tastes great on its own, and so dogs think it’s a treat and are happy to eat it. It is super easy to dispense each day, and there’s no measuring, grinding, or mixing required. There are 60 tablets per bottle, with each bottle priced at $19.99 US. That works out to about 30 cents per tablet- a small price to pay when it comes to sweet kisses from your pup.

To celebrate our LOVE of this new product, we’re giving one lucky follower a chance to win a one-month supply of Fido Biotics Puppy Breath Crushers! Enter below! (Open to US and Canadian subscribers at this time only. Sorry, friends!)


Lots of love!

Emily & Bachaesh








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