Paws & Play: A Subscription Box To Make Your Dog’s Day!

Paws and Play, Subscription Box for dogs, Canadian Subscription Box, Paws and Play Review

As I close the front door behind me, my Shorkie, Bachaesh, sits patiently in front of me. His tail wags with all the excitement of a puppy that knows he’s about to get something very special!

Last week we received a standard subscription box from Paws & Play ($19.95/month) filled with goodies for both Bachaesh and I to review.

Paws and Play is a Canadian-based subscription service for cats and dogs. After signing up and filling out a survey designed to personalize the box to your pet’s needs and wants –allergies and food intolerances taken into account as well– you’re ready to tell your lucky pets that it’s time to make peace with the Mail Man because they’re about to receive a very special Paws & Play subscription!

Paws & Play is an ever-evolving company that really loves what they do. It’s quite clear when you see the variety of boxes they offer that they are in the business of pleasing pets and pet owners alike. Whether Fido is on a strict diet and needs a “Toys Only” box, or Spot’s love of gourmet cookies can no longer be satiated and it’s time to introduce the “Cookie of the Month,” there’s literally something for all dogs and cats, small or extra large breed.  Plus, you can now earn points with your purchases and redeem them later to add extra full-sized products to your boxes each month! And, did I mention that you have the option of receiving a box every month or just quarterly? So many options!

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. The Reveal!

Modern Dog Magazine, Subscription Bow Review, Paws and Play

First up, Modern Dog Magazine-Winter Edition. I actually really liked that there was a little somethin’ in the Paws and Play box for me, the Owner. If you’re a die-hard dog-lover like myself, you’ll appreciate the 128 glossy pages filled with interesting articles, relevant advertisements, and DIY crafts. Compared to other non-dog magazines, I felt that this magazine did an excellent job of providing relevant content, through and through. This is the only magazine that has ever enticed me enough to read the ad pages in the back. All-in-all, definitely worth the $5.95!

Paws and Play Box, Paws and Play Subscription, Hide a Squirrel, Dog toys

Next, we have the Hide-a-Squirrel toy from Plush Puppies. This toy is great if you have a dog that likes to play hide ‘n’ seek with its toys, or a dog that likes to work for rewards. Bachaesh LOVES this toy. The cute little squeaky squirrels can be hidden in their den for your dog to pull out. I think toys like this are great for promoting learning through problem solving. They are fun, and keep your dog’s mind sharp! And, they do the same job a treat ball does without the caloric intake!

Venison Joe's, Beef Bone, Paws and Play

Aren’t bones great? They keep your pooch busy, and they keep that calorie count down! This beef bone by Venison Joe’s is naturally cherry wood smoked, without artificial colours, preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind. They use only 100% natural US beef to make all of their products. This is a great treat to give your dog to keep them occupied, but as with all treats, supervision is required.

Charming Pet Balloon, Paws and Play, Paws and Play box,

Charming Pet has designed a line of toys inspired by balloon animals. This cute balloon lion is made out of all natural latex, filled with stuffing, and squeaks to delight your dogs. This toy is great for adult small-breed dogs that aren’t excessive chewers. The lightweight latex makes it easy-and more compelling– for small dogs to engage with this toy.

Wellness Dog Treats, Paws and Play, Wellness, Petite Treats

Our box would not be complete without these grain-free Wellness Petite Treats. Their tiny size makes them ideal for small breed dogs. Wellness makes both soft mini-bites and crunchy mini-bites. We’ve had the pleasure of trying both and can proudly report that Bachaesh was quite a fan! The soft mini-bites bag pictured above (Lamb, Apples and Cinnamon) contains over 100 treats per bag, while the crunchy mini-bites contain over 150. Either way, you’ll be able to teach your pup a ton of new tricks before you run out! Plus, they come in mouth-watering flavours like : Chicken, Cherries & Spearmint; Duck, Mango & Coconut; and Turkey, Pomegranate, Ginger! Definitely worth $4.95!

etta says samples Paws and Play Ziwipeak

Last, but not least, we received some tasty samples from Etta Says! and Ziwi Peak.

The Duck Jerky samples we got from Etta Says  are pure duck meat and contain no additives, fillers, coloring, preservatives or by-products.

Ziwi Peak’s treats are 95% meat, organs and seafood from New Zealand. These premium meat treats contain no added “sugars, salt, glycerines, antibiotics, growth hormones, fillers, grains or potatoes.” The treats are super thin and great for training treats, or broken up as a dry food topper. Bachaesh absolutely adored these meaty morsels and I’m sure your dog will too!

We are extremely pleased with this standard small-breed box from Paws and Play. At a cost of $19.95 per month, we got double the value in products!

 Be sure to visit the Paws and Play website to see the wide array of boxes that they offer. I’m positive there’s one there for your fur-baby! Can’t find what you’re looking for? They have a handy live-chat window and amazing customer service!

Have any questions about the products in this review? Leave a comment below or send us an email through our Contact page. Want to be the first to see the new products we review? Subscribe to our blog posts on the side bar!

Thanks for joining us!



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