The Grain-Free Stew Your Dog Needs To Taste To Believe

Caru, CARU Pet Food, Give a Dog a Bone

CARU Pet Food is a company that requires no introduction. I honestly can’t praise their products enough. Their line of FDA-approved “Human Grade” premium dog food and their Soft ‘n Tasty treats have won  a place in our hearts and our cupboards!

CARU is a special kind of company- one built on love. In fact, that’s what the company name translates to from Welsh- “to love.”  Founders, Adrian and Pamela Pettyan (medical professionals from Canada), started the company after their Golden Retriever puppy (Karu) developed constant ear infections. Their veterinarian recommended a homemade diet of pure, healthy and nutritious food. The amazing turnaround in Karu’s health, along with the lack of homemade-quality pet foods on the market, inspired the Pettyans to collaborate with an animal nutritionist to create the complete line of  CARU’s nourishing stews and treats.

CARU, Caru Pet Food, give a dog a bone blog

Never before have I seen a wet dog food as impressive as CARU’s. It really looks like a stew made for humans, and it doesn’t smell bad either. My dog, Bachaesh, absolutely adores the CARU stews. When he eats them, the bowl is always left clean. I believe that even the pickiest of dogs will devour these stews!

CARU is one of only two brands in the US that can legally claim that their food is “Human Grade.” Their stews and treats are GMO-free, grain and gluten free, and their premium cuts of meat and poultry are antibiotic and hormone free. Their stews are prepared in small batches with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, fiber-rich veggies and fruits and heart-healthy proteins.Their packaging is eco-friendly, as well as preservative and BPA-free. The stews come in four flavours: Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Pork. They’re comparable to other premium foods and retail for $4.99.

CARU, give a dog a bone blog

CARU’s Soft ‘n Tasty treats are meaty, moist jerky-like treats made with blueberries and cranberries and either chicken, duck or beef. These treats are free of wheat, gluten, corn, soy and animal by-products. They’re perfect for training, or taking with you on-the-go, as they don’t crumble when you break them apart.

Soft n Tasty treats, Caru

Whether you’ve got a picky eater, you want to treat your dog to something special, or you’re looking to improve your dog’s health, CARU is definitely a product line you’ve got to look into. Use their stews on their own, or as a topper for your dog’s dry food. Their Soft ‘n Tasty bites and bars are the perfect on-the-go treats for training or “just because” moments.

We’ve tried a lot of products over the last few months. We’ve liked, even loved, most of them. However, I can honestly say that nothing else on the market compares to the texture, aroma, taste or “goodness” of CARU stews. We hope you and your dog have the opportunity to experience the CARU difference.

Let us know about your picky eater in the comments below, or send us an email!

Happy Holidays!

Emily & Bachaesh




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