The Ultimate Dog-Walking Accessory

Doggie Doo All

If you’ve ever been out with your dog and have had the misfortune of running out of poop bags, or worse, desperately requiring a sanitizing wipe, this product is for you!

Whether you’re handling slobbery tennis balls, or bagging some poop, the Doggie Doo All really does “come in handy!” The Doggie Doo All is a zippered pouch that contains 2 rolls of poop bags, and a package of moist sanitizing wipes for on-the-go use. It conveniently clips onto your dog’s leash, or the loop of your pants, and is the must-have accessory of the year!

What I love about the Doggie Doo All is that its zippered pouch is perfect for stashing your house keys, business cards (perfect for a dog walker!), or other small objects while you go on your walk.

Doggie Doo All 2 open

In addition to the convenience of a zippered pouch, the  sanitizing wet wipes are high quality. They’re extremely moist, durable and smell lovely! The bags are large in size, and perforated for easy separation.

When purchasing a Doggie Doo All, you can choose from a variety of colour combinations, allowing you to really personalize this product to your taste. Your Doggie Doo All will come fully loaded with the wipes and bags for $23.99, but refills of wipes can be purchased for a nominal amount on the Doggie Doo All website.

Last, but certainly not least,  The Doo All Company donates a portion of their proceeds to support homeless pet shelters and rescues!

Bachaesh loves the Doggie Doo All!

Bachaesh loves the Doggie Doo All!

This is an innovative new product that has made my life soooo much easier. You should head on over to the Doggie Doo All website today to find your Doggie Doo All, and one for that special someone on your Christmas list, too!

Emily & Bachaesh





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