The All-In-One Essential Pet Skin Creme For Your Dog

Paw Cream3

Yesterday, my lawn was blanketed with the first snowfall of the season and nobody was happier about it than my 2 year old Shorkie, Bachaesh. Despite his small size, Bachaesh is an adventurer. If it were up to him he would spend the entire day outside looking for squirrels, and wondering whether he can fit between the gaps of the fence boards.

Like his other Canine companions– racing through the mud and sticks of the dog park, leaping through snowbanks, or leading the afternoon walks around the neighbourhood on the hard cement sidewalks– Bachaesh’s feet are directly affected by the changes in temperature.

We went in search of a product to soothe dry footsies, but what we found did so much more!

Located near the Niagara region of Ontario, Melissa’s Aloe is a small family owned business dedicated to producing beneficial Aloe-based products for humans and pets. Their line of products are manufactured in a certified organic facility.

Melissas Aloe

 Melissa’s Pet Skin Crème is magic in a bottle when it comes to tackling the many skin concerns of your dog. With organic Aloe Vera, Fenugreek, Flax and Avocado Oil, this unscented, non-greasy, Crème is ideal for dry skin, irritated skin, sun burns, insect bites etc. It’s the one stop shop for your pup’s skin care.

It works wonders on paws after walks on hot pavement, or salted sidewalks. Requiring only a little dab per paw, the 1/2 oz jar that we use lasts quite a while, is easy to carry with you, and makes paws supple and smooth.

Melissas Aloe

The difference in texture is noticeable after only a few treatments.

Not only is it GREAT for paws, but those exposed noses and ears need a little TLC as well!

This coming summer I’m looking forward to using Melissa’s Pet Skin Crème at the cottage. With five dogs, and lots of outdoor fun, I know the sun burn and insect bite soothing properties will come in handy. But, for now, I know a few pet people with stockings that need stuffing!

If you’re interested in learning more about Melissa’s Aloe you can visit their website here. Melissa’s Pet Skin Crème is available at most pet stores for $5.99.




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