5 Reasons We Love Northern’s Soft & Chewy Bites

Northern Biscuit, Soft and chewy bites, Northern

We’ve always been big fans of Northern Biscuit. Here are five reasons we continue to love their tasty treats (especially their new Soft & Chewy Bites):

1. Filled with Natural Goodness: Northern Biscuit uses fresh, local meats and vegetables in their treats. A look at the ingredients on the Soft & Chewy Bites packaging will show you that simple ingredients are the way to go. From Buckwheat Seed Flour to Cranberries, you’ll recognize what’s in the treats you’re giving to your pup.

2. They Smell Delicious!  With natural ingredients come naturally mouth-watering scents. Blueberries, Rosemary Extract and Molasses give these bite sized bits a tantalizing essence of Autumn.

3. Grain Free: Gluten allergies are on the rise, even in the canine species. For this reason Northern has opted to substitute traditional flour for Buckwheat Seed Flour. No need to worry about upset tummies anymore!

Northern Opened

4. Canadian Made and Environmentally Conscious: It’s nice to know where your food comes from, to support local businesses and save the planet at the same time. Wouldn’t you agree? Northern Biscuit supports local animal shelters, environmental initiatives and employs individuals from Community Living Ontario to affix labels for their product line. These are actions we support, and will continue to support, as consumers of their product.

5. Convenience: Soft and Chewy Bites are convenient for training,  for use in treat balls or IQ toys, and are perfect for all sizes of dogs. Because they are moist, they can easily be squished into the contours of your dog’s toy to keep them working hard for their treats. You can also break them apart and hide your dog’s medication inside them. The packaging they come in is re-sealable so you can keep the treats fresher for longer.

Soft & Chewy Bites currently come in three flavours: Lamb Berry, Liver-licious, and Pumpkin Pie. Bachaesh’s favourite is the Pumpkin Pie. You can purchase these treats at most pet stores in Canada. They are also available in the USA and Japan.

Emily & Bachaesh


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