October Paws & Play Review

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Pet subscription boxes are an amazing alternative to  monthly trips to the pet store. In my experience as a pet blogger I’ve had the opportunity to try many, and I am repeatedly surprised by the new and exciting products that show up at my doorstep. When you only shop at a store, you only see the products that they carry. I urge you to try a pet subscription box, such as the ones offered by Paws & Play, for your cat or dog.  It’s like Christmas every month!

No two dogs are alike, even if they are the same breed. Paws & Play’s unique variety of subscription box offerings allow you to customize your monthly box to your specific needs. Whether you have one dog, one cat, or a mix of both species, there’s a box for everyone!

Paws & Play features these boxes available for cats and dogs :

  • a To-Go Box (3-4 items from previous and new boxes for $15 + S&H)- This is the box that I will be reviewing today.
  • a Premium Box (5-7 items that are the “best and newest” for $30 + S&H)
  • Quarterly Box (a premium membership box, except only billed and shipped once every three months. This option is perfect for those who would like to receive a membership box less often)
  • a Mixed Pet Box (8-12 items for your cat & dog, 2 dogs, or 2 cats (monthly or quarterly) for $35 +S&H)

***They customize your box for you (using your membership survey) and swap unwanted items based on intolerances, allergies, no food options and general preferences. Amazing customer satisfaction!***

Once you have selected the box you want, they offer customization for the following sizes:

Toy, Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed, Giant Breed & Cat

They ship to Canada, USA and will be shipping to the UK in the Fall/Winter of 2014.

This is an auto-renewing subscription, but you can cancel at any time without fees or penalties. Paws & Play includes discount codes in their boxes to use on upcoming themed boxes. This month’s theme is Autumn in Toronto. November’s theme will be “A Walk to the Parade” and “Sparkle in the Snow” for December.

For the first time also, Paws & Play is taking orders for the “Pet Parent Luxe Essentials Kit” which is a Human Subscription Box for those who love animals. For every 15 of these boxes sold, one box will be gifted to a front line animal rescue hero. You can find more information on the Paws & Play website.

And now, the main attraction!

pumpkin cookie close up Pumpkin Cookies

The first tasty treat in our Paws & Play box was a package of Special Edition Pumpkin Cookies from The Stratford Barkery. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting The Barkery in Stratford, Ontario, then you may not have the existing love affair that I do with their tasty treats. But, you will!

Their hand-made dog treats are free of sugar, salt, corn, and  artificial flavouring. Plus, they use only vegetable-based natural colourings for their decorated treats. The Pumpkin Cookies that we got in our box this month were as cute as could be, and had a lovely hint of spice to their aroma. Their visual appeal left nothing to be desired, as they were lovingly hand shaped into little pumpkins with an almond for a stem. Bachaesh, my two year-old Shorkie, loved these treats! I would definitely buy these on their own in future, and could see them being a perfect party-favour for dog lovers.

Zukes Superfood Fullsize Zuke's Sample

Next, we have two of Zuke’s new Superfood Dog Treats. They’re designed to be energy boosting treats with antioxidants, bioflavonoids and the like. They’re low in gluten (safe for dogs with gluten allergies), and offer a nutrient boost for dogs on Raw diets.

As the owner of a small breed dog, I’ve found that Bachaesh prefers moist treats to traditional dry biscuits. These moist Superfood treats are perfect for training treats, to put in treat balls or IQ toys, or just for treating your lucky pup. We received the full-sized package of Yummy Betas Blend, which retails for $8.95 CAD,  and a sample package of Yummy Berry Blend. Of the two, Bachaesh’ favourite was the Berry Blend. The third flavour that Zuke’s carries in this line is called Tasty Greens Blend.

The great thing about having a subscription box like Paws & Play is that they include lots of sample sizes for your pet to try. This way you can try a variety of products on the market without having to commit to an entire bag. One of the sample sized treats we received in this box was by “Etta Says!” called Snicky Snaks.

Snicky snaks

These USDA Certified Organic treats come in four flavours: Peanut Butter, Apple Cobbler, Carrot cake, and Sweet Potato. Our sample flavour was not listed but Bachaesh adored it! In addition to providing healthy, organic dog treats, the Snicky Snaks company is committed to having the smallest carbon footprint possible, using recycled materials in their packaging and producing their products in the USA. Snicky Snaks contain no wheat, no corn, no soy, no pesticides, no preservatives, no added sugar, no added salt, and no animal by-products, according to their website.  Snicky Snaks can be purchased in 6 or 8 ounce boxes.

Most people my age remember the Lambchop show, and its infamous annoying song. You know…The Song That Never Ends…

…it just goes on, and on, my friends….


Anyways, Bachaesh and I share a special fondness of Lambchop, having two Lambchop stuffed toys in our possession already. Paws and Play gave us an additional Lambchop Plush Dog Toy (small size)  with a squeaker that is sure to go on….and on…and on! This cute little toy has a retail value of $6.95 and is the perfect toy for any dogs that are not excessive chewers or shredders. Its size is also great if you want stocking stuffers for your dog’s stocking. (Yes, pets believe in Santa Paws, too!)

Apple Benny Bully

Last, but not least, our box was topped off with Benny Bully samples. These treats are the newest line from Benny Bully and are the traditional Beef Liver treat infused with, in our case, apple. To see other flavours they are currently carrying, check out our Instagram feed. We visited the Benny Bully booth at the National Pet Industry Trade Show and tried all of their new flavours. Bachaesh gives them all two paws up!

We loved our Paws and Play box!

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Emily & Bachaesh



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