October Bowzer Box Review

October Bowzer Box Review

What would October be without  (Canadian) Thanksgiving and Halloween? No fun!

Bowzer Box endeavored to combine both of these holidays into one box this year and came up with Thanks-O-Ween!

If you’ve never heard of Bowzer Box it’s a monthly subscription service that sends a variety of doggy products to you and your pup on the fifteenth of each month. Price per month depends whether you sign up to pay month by month (at $29/month) or whether you pay for 3 or 6 months at a time ($26 & $23). Bowzer Box is an all-Canadian company sourcing Canadian-made products and is located in Waterloo, Ontario. They ship to Canada and the USA. If you would like more information you can see our previous Bowzer Box review or click on their photo at the top which will take you to their website.

Along with the beautiful colours of Autumn leaves come dwindling daylight hours. One of the products in our October Bowzer Box was a handy keylight from Head-Lites, as well as a special coupon code for 25% off at their webstore.

head lites

Head-lites is an online store featuring LED products such as collars, leashes and mushing equipment for an average of $49. They’re from Winona, Ontario and began their company as a result of their disappointment with comparable offshore products. Their highly visible collars are reliable in all weather conditions, machine washable, and powered by two AAA batteries. Their commitment to keeping their product 100% Canadian is clear as their product is individually sewn, soldered and assembled in Ontario.

Northern Sample Northern Bark Bar

The next two products we received are from one of our favourite companies, Northern. (Look for our upcoming review of their three new Fall moist-treat flavours!)

We’ve had Northern Bark Bars in past Bowzer Boxes, and I’ve been really thrilled with how much Bachaesh enjoys them. Unlike other similar bars, these Pumpkin Bark Bars are a dense, somewhat moist wheat-free Dental Chew. Their naturally abrasive ingredients are great for tackling plaque on your dog’s teeth, and their density makes them last longer than a traditional dog biscuit. They also smell phenomenal!

We were also given a free sample of Northern’s Pumpkin Pie Biscuits. They’re wheat-free and full of healthy things like Barley, Pumpkin, Kelp and Rosemary. While Bachaesh did enjoy this sample, I find that, as a small dog, he tends to prefer the moist treats over the dry biscuits.


 Go Dog Zombiez

Next up we have a Zombiez Screaming Sam squeaky toy by Go Dog. This small-sized toy features something they call Chew Guard technology. While not indestructible, this additional layer of woven fibres makes the toy more resistant to everyday wear and tear. This toy is a good size for small breeds.


As the Thanksgiving portion of this box we were given Turkey Grain Free Treats by Darford (in Vernon, BC). These heart-shaped oven-baked treats are Gluten Free, Grain Free and All Natural. I love the simplicity of the ingredients. It’s like reading a recipe from a cook book: Turkey, Yellow Peas, Carrots, Sage, Cranberries… It’s easy to see why dogs love these so much.

Quality House

Orange really is the new black. Sweet potato is the new “in” flavour and it seems to be in everything! Quality House Brand freeze-dried Sweet Tater Treats are 100% North American sourced, and packaged in New Brunswick. Don’t be fooled by their  ghostly, pale colour! They are 100% Sweet Potato, and have not been touched by additives, preservatives or chemicals. I was initially skeptical because they really do not look like sweet potato, but Bachaesh seems to like them a lot.

Pegetables collage

Last, but not least, we have these Pegetables to finish off our Thanks-O-Ween feast! These premium dental chews are shaped like the vegetable they contain and are very dense-perfect for occupying those chewers! We received the sweet potato and pea varieties. Bachaesh enjoyed them both. At $2.49 each they are a bit pricey, but if you’re looking to try new things with your dog,  or have a picky eater on your hands this may be a good option for you. They can be purchased from Petsmart.

This Bowzer Box has a combined value of $35 CAD plus the cost of samples and promotions.

Hugs and Tail Wags!


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