The Dog Treat Company You’ll Fall In Love With

Nearly two weeks ago we attended the National Pet Industry Trade Show by PIJAC in Mississauga, Ontario– a place to meet the who’s-who of the Pet Industry.  Mo and I talked to nearly a hundred vendors about their products, what made them unique, and what motivated them to start their businesses. One of those memorable vendors was the Crumps’ Naturals booth, founded by a husband and wife from Caledon, Ontario.

Margot Crump told me about how her business began after moving back to Caledon, Ontario with her young family, and how the opportunity to start the dog treat business came to them suddenly, with production beginning shortly after in their garage. Fast forward 8 years and the Crump family business is an international success, and their humble garage has been replaced with a larger facility in Brampton, Ontario.

Not only do I love the tale of this hardworking Canadian family, but I love their products as well. Margot Crump was kind enough to give us some samples of their North American sourced dehydrated dog treats to try out with Bachaesh.

crumps mix

Of course it was no surprise to me that Bachaesh absolutely loved these treats. The dehydrated pieces are larger than life– perfect for large breeds, and easily divided for smaller breeds.

The baked liver treats are crunchy, but do not crumble in your pockets, making them the perfect training treat for on the go. The chewy sweet potato slices were the perfect snack to occupy Bachaesh during hours of packing in preparation for our move this past weekend. I was so thankful to have them!

Crumps with Slices Edit

I was very impressed with the quality of these products, the generous portions in each bag, and the affordability at between $6.50 and $9.00 CAD per small bag, and $14.99 for larger sized bags.  Even better, Crumps’ Naturals have no additives, preservatives or artificial colours and are all natural!

In addition to the three treats mentioned above, Crumps’ also carries Liver Bits (tiny liver crumbs perfect for sprinkling on your dog’s food to entice those picky eaters), Sweet Potato Strips (with Cranberry, Oatmeal or Cinnamon, which smells heavenly!) as well as Chicken and Lamb Chop treats.

I loved giving these treats to Bachaesh and will continue to buy Crumps’ Naturals products in the future.

If you’re interested in picking some up for your pup, most Pet Valu and Global Pet Food stores carry the brand.

Emily & Bachaesh


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