Forget the Fox! What Does the Dog Say?

Bark of Boston

Bark of Boston is THE place to go for Organic dog treats

Pups are lining up around North America to get a taste of the organic goodness this pet bakery has to offer.  The combination of outstanding organic dog treats, friendly customer service and the charm of a small, independent company makes this “Barkery” not only the talk of the town, but also the Bark of Boston.

boston black packaging Boston white packaging

Situated in Wakefield, Massachusetts, Bark of Boston gives a fresh face to artisan quality, gourmet dog treats. Contained in adorable packaging, and with witty names like “Dixie Chicken” and “Vitamin Sea,”  their products are 100% all-natural and wheat, corn, grain, and soy-free. The meats, fish and poultry used in their tasty morsels are US sourced and organic, wild and/or free range.

The impact Bark of Boston’s dehydration process has on their final product is outstanding. Forget about the artificial colourings in many of the market’s treats! At Bark of Boston, the only colours you’ll see are the ones Nature intended!

Treat Strip

The process of dehydrating the artisan treats for 24 hours at low temperatures not only prolongs the shelf life of the treats without the use of preservatives, but it also retains the phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals better than traditional cooking or baking methods. Those Pet Parents out there who have their pups on a raw food diet can also supplement with these Bark of Boston treats as they are dehydrated at such low temperatures that they maintain the crunchiness dogs loves with the health benefits of raw nutrients.

Just Ducky1

Bachaesh tried (and devoured!) their entire line of treats and, as a Pet Parent, I cannot turn back to traditional dog treats after seeing these. The ingredients alone are basic, all-natural and completely recognizable. If you look at any one set of ingredients you will not find more than ten ingredients. The “From Nantucket with Love” treats, for example, contain Turkey, Quinoa, Coconut Flour, Potato Flour, Cranberries, Beets, Apples, Zucchini, Egg and Flaxseed Meal. That’s it! And as I mentioned earlier, these ingredients are organic, local, wild and/or free range. Bachaesh is eating better than I am!


“From Nantucket with Love”

On the Bark of Boston website, Owner Stefanie Guarino has laid out further information about the health benefits of each of the ingredients they use. Whether you’re familiar with the ins and outs of pet nutrition or not, I think we can all agree that once you try these dog treats nothing else will compare.

For $10-$15 dollars you can be assured that your furry companion is getting some of THE BEST treats on the market. Whether you shop in person or online, you’ve got to try these dog treats! You will love them, I promise!

So what does the Dog say?  He says “two paws up!”

Kisses & Tail Wags!

Emily & Bachaesh


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