What’s a “Scoggy” and Why Does Your Dog Need One?

The Scoggy Main Photo

September is right around the corner, and the Fall leaves and cool breezes will soon follow. If you’re looking for a new way to keep your pup warm and fashionable this Fall consider buying them a Scoggy – A Scarf for your Doggy!

Virginia Foley, of Waterloo, is the creator of the Scoggy and was kind enough to send us two to review.

Black Scoggy with Tag Polka Dot Scoggy with Tag

 Made of a stretchy Silk Jersey Knit or plain Jersey material these Scoggies are the new and improved bandana! Gone are the days of frayed ends, faded patterns and tight knots at your pup’s throat. Virginia’s Scoggies are infinity scarves for your dog, in cute patterns. They’re beautifully hand sewn, and are made to last. I was impressed with the craftsmanship, and the fabric choice. Our favourite fabric was the Silky Jersey Knit (pictured above with the polka dots).


I have never been a fan of bandanas because I didn’t like how restricting they were around a dog’s neck. Not only did the fabric not give to the movements of the dog, but they also required tying at the neck which I’m sure cannot be comfortable. What I noticed from the Scoggies is that they’re slightly stretchy and they simply slip over the dog’s head similar to a turtleneck shirt. If your dog’s on the smaller side, simply fold the Scoggy over on itself to accommodate the shorter neck length.

Prada Wearing Scoggy Prada Black Scoggy

I think Scoggies are a great alternative to the bandana. They’re well-made, with beautiful patterns available, and the packaging they come in is also tastefully presented. All of the reviews I’ve read from past customers are also very positive and praise Virginia’s designs. These would be great for your own dog (size xs-xxl) or as a gift. Dog’s need stocking stuffers, too!

Virginia’s Scoggies are machine washable and are available for purchase from her Etsy Shop. Prices range from $7.95 to $10.50, and matching human Infinity Scarves are available as well.

Emily & Bachaesh


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