Bugsy’s Box July Review

Let me preface this post by noting that I realize this title says “July Review” and yet it is August.

The reason for this is that even though Bugsy’s Box shipped out July 15th, I didn’t receive it until the very end of the month. So, for my Canadian friends out there, if you decide to order a Bugsy’s Box from the US remember it will take some time to get to you!

And now….. Bugsy’s Box!


Bugsy’s Box is a subscription service that delivers an assortment of 5-7  doggy products to your doorstep every month. They offer free shipping to Canada and within the USA, and are an American company that donates a portion of proceeds to animal charities. Like other subscription services they offer boxes for small, medium and large dogs  at $29 US for a single box, $23/box for a 3 month subscription and $19/box for a 6 month subscription.**Bugsy’s Box auto-renews so if you only want to try one box, be sure to cancel before their next shipping period.


The first item in the box was a plush primate! He has a single squeaker and is otherwise stuffed! Bachaesh liked to shake this little guy, but if you have chewers I would not recommend leaving them unattended with this toy.


If you follow Give A Dog A Bone on Instagram you’ll know there’s a new puppy in our lives named Pepper. She is a 14 week old black Labrador Retriever. Puppy owners know the importance of having doggy wipes on hand at all times. These Wags & Wiggles Purify Wipes are hypoallergenic grapefruit scented wet wipes. While doing my research I was a bit surprised to find that these are available at Walmart for about $3.00. I suppose it’s great that they are easily accessible, but when I order something like a subscription box I sort of expect the products inside to be something other than what I can find at my local shops. I want something special. These wipes work decently well. They aren’t well-moistened, and they’re a bit of a pain to get out of the top sometimes. But, wipes are wipes, I suppose!

Riley's Organics

Next, we have Riley’s Organics small bone shaped treats in Peanut Butter & Molasses. Pepper loves these little treats and they’re great for training because of their small size. Riley’s Organics’ treats are all made with Human Grade Organic ingredients. Their organic eggs come from cage-free hens that have not been exposed to antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic hormones; their molasses is GMO free and their milk is Kosher. You can feel good about feeding these to your pup. They are also available in a larger size, and in other flavours. They retail for $7.99.

its purely natural

It’s Purely Natural…. just the way you like it! These Chicken Jerky treats have been formed into bone shapes. It’s Purely Natural treats have “no additives, by-products or artificial preservatives and are glycerin, gluten, soy and wheat free.”  Bachaesh liked these a lot. With a lot of concern over where Jerky treats are made, you can feel better knowing these treats are healthy, safe and made in the USA. Retail price for these treats is $7.99

Arm and Hammer Bone

Lastly, we have the Arm & Hammer Advanced Pet Care Baking Soda Infused Bone. Phew! What a mouthful!

 I thought Pepper would be the perfect product tester for this toy. It’s supposed to be meat flavoured, baking soda infused and be great for keeping your pup’s toofies pearly white. All of those things are great unless your dog refuses to chew on it, as was the case with Pepper. I would offer her the bone and she would spit it almost immediately. Other reviews online have less than favourable reviews. I really expected more from Arm & Hammer. At $10 a pop, this is an expensive decor item for my floor.

It’s difficult to give an overall feeling on this box. I really liked the treats they included, but the Arm & Hammer bone was a bit of a disappointment, as were the wipes.  Maybe we had an “off” shipment. The box had an approximate value of $36 so we didn’t lose money, per se.

Do you already subscribe to Bugsy’s Box? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Emily & Bachaesh


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