Lucky Pups Has a Bowl with your Dog’s Name on it!


If you’re like me, and you think your pooch is pawsitively perfect, then you’ll want to spoil your canine cutie with some personalized stuff from Lucky Pups! (And save 10% while you’re at it! See below!)

Lucky Pups is an online store that personalizes doggy products with your pooch’s name on them. They carry a variety of products, all designed and etched by owners Kristen and Chris Cooper, and supervised by their two dogs, Lady and Koda.

koda with prepped bowls2

The process begins with a design created on the computer. The design is then cut out of vinyl and hand placed on the item before being covered for protection (as seen above). The item is then sandblasted to create the etched design.

Sandblaster2(Kristen, above, sandblasts a design onto a product)

Not only does Lucky Pups etch some pretty snazzy bowls (including custom designs!!), but they also etch these adorable collars with your fur baby’s name and contact information- so you can relax in the absence of clinking dog tags! Brilliant! (Starting at $26.99)


In addition to etched products, Lucky Pups also supplies Dog Lovers with personalized self-inking stamps ($32.99)


Personalized Dog Beds where you can select the dog silhouette and the font ($50-$60)

dog bed2

And, their newest product, a DIY  “Make It Mine” personalized Dog-Cal, so you can personalize a bowl you may already own. (Named by yours truly!)


We chatted with founder, and owner, Kristen Cooper about her business, Lucky Pups:

family photo2

(Owners, Kristen and Chris Cooper, and their dogs, Lady and Koda)

Us: Why did you start Lucky Pups?

Kristen: Lucky Pups was started as a hobby to make a little extra money after I finished college. I have always loved dogs and creating things, so I thought “Why not combine the two?” It later turned out to be much more than a hobby and is now a full time job. I am always looking to add more products that fit my brand. My newest product is the MakeItMine Dog-Cal. This way the customer can personalize the bowl they already have.

Us: What pets do you own?

Kristen: I own a cream Pomeranian named Koda, and a black Lab named Lady.

Lady and Koda2

Us: What is your most popular product at Lucky Pups?

Kristen: Our most popular product is our personalized dog bowls with the name going across. Our treat jars come in a close second.


You can find Lucky Pups on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and through their website.

If you’re interested in owning some Lucky Pups stuff for your own lucky pup, make sure to use the code GIVEADOGABONE to save 10% off your purchase!!  Enjoy, Dog Lovers!


Emily & Bachaesh



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