July Bowzer Box Review

July Bowzer Box Review

Well, it’s that time of the month again….no, not that time… BOWZER BOX time! And what an exciting time it is! As usual Bachaesh was on the hunt for anything meaty in this month’s box and he found a few things to satisfy his urge!

If you’ve never heard of Bowzer Box it’s a monthly subscription service that sends a variety of doggy products to you and your pup on the fifteenth of each month. Price per month depends whether you sign up to pay month by month (at $29/month) or whether you pay for 3 or 6 months at a time ($26 & $23). Bowzer Box is an all-Canadian company sourcing Canadian-made products and is located in Waterloo, Ontario. If you would like more information you can see our previous Bowzer Box review or click on their logo at the top which will take you to their website.

This month we got some full sized products which we were very excited about!

group photo bb

The first full sized product we got was a Conditioning Spritz from K9 Kelp of British Columbia


It was an amazing coincidence that we got this in our box this month, as we recently came across K9 Kelp on Instagram and emailed them about doing a review on their products. So, thank you, Kelp Fairies, for sending us this now!

This 8 oz. Conditioning Spritz is a safe blend of purified water,  sustainably sourced BC Kelp and a blend of essential oils aimed at keeping your dog smelling fresh! Every dog owner knows how much effort goes into giving your dog a bath. Between trying to keep the dog from jumping out of the tub and dodging the water bullets that fly off of them when they shake, it can be a long and arduous process. With the Conditioning Spritz from K9 Kelp you can keep the baths for when your pooch really needs them, and still keep your pup smelling fresh in between.

The scent of the Conditioning Spritz has an invigorating peppermint smell to it. K9 Kelp’s website says that in addition to keeping your dog’s fur smelling fresh, this kelp based Conditioning Spritzer also soothes anxiety and stress with its essential oils, repels insects and makes your dog’s fur supple and healthy.

K9 Kelp carries a variety of kelp based products for your dog such as an aloe, shea and kelp moisturizer (used on their paws and snouts), a shampoo treatment and a supplement blend. They even carry Lip Balm and a Morrocan Kelp Clay Mask for the humans!


Our next full-sized product was a bag of Carna4 Sprouty Squares. Those of you who saw our last Bowzer Box review will remember that we received a sample size of these treats in the June box. These are synthetic-free dog biscuits with liver, oats, barley and organic sprouted seeds and are made in Toronto, Canada. They also apparently have natural probiotics and enzymes. Bachaesh likes them but wishes they were meatier! (Big surprise, eh?)

Rope Bone

Bowzer Box is taking it to a new level! Since they were having a difficult time finding Canadian-made toys they decided to source their own! This Rope Bone is 100% unbleached cotton rope and is made in Canada.

Dental Chew

The next product was devoured exactly 10 seconds after opening this month’s Bowzer Box. The Northern Bark is an Applewood recipe Dental Chew and has a lot of breath freshening and teething cleaning ingredients such as parsley, oats, dried apple pomace and brown rice. It is chicken flavoured and, if Bachaesh’s reaction is anything to go by, delicious! These chews are high in protein and low in fat and are a healthier alternative to jerky and easier on sensitive tummies! We’ve purchased Northern products before, such as their  wild blueberry and smoked fish dog biscuits.  They have wheat free and grain free recipes with unique flavours such as: Pumpkin Pie, Bacon & Maple Syrup, Turkey Cranberry, Grilled Bison, Glazed Duck, Wild Boar etc. My mouth is watering now.

poop bags

Poop Bags. ‘Nuff said! Everyone needs these!

Amore mega morsels

Our second last product was a sample of Amore Pet Foods’ Mega Morsels from Richmond, BC. These are cool-air dried meat and vegetable “morsels” that have no additives, preservatives or fillers, and require no refrigeration. Because they use cool air to dry their meat and vegetables, more nutrients are retained. Amore says that one pound of their Mega Morsels is equivalent to 4 pounds of raw food, and their product can be served dry or can be rehydrated. This product is only available in Canada and all of the meat options (except for the Kangaroo meat…yes, you read that right) is from Canadian owned farms. Mega Morsels are available in 1, 10 or 20 pound bags in chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, salmon and kangaroo mixes. Talk about variety being the spice of life!

PiP App

Last but not least, we were given a free one year subscription to PiP, a Facial Recognition App for your dog. In the event that your dog goes missing, you can sound the Amber Alert and the technology will search for your dog by matching lost and found pets online and put you in contact with a support person.

This is new technology and there are currently no reviews on Apple. I downloaded the app last night and after a few tries of inputting my dog’s information I got it to save. I won’t know if it works (because Bachaesh is safe at home *knock on wood*) and that’s the way I like it!

From my calculations, the estimated retail value of the products we got in this month’s box exceeds $50 CAD. That’s a $20 dollar savings!

Thanks for checking in with us! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email on our Contact page. Stay tuned as we are expecting three more pet subscription boxes later in the week!

Emily & Bachaesh


4 thoughts on “July Bowzer Box Review

  1. K9 Kelp (@K9Kelp) says:

    So glad that you are enjoying the Kelp Spritz!
    It was great that the Kelp fairies heard Bachaesh and delivered 🙂
    Working with Bowzer Box has been awesome and hope that we can do something again!

    • Emily&Bachaesh says:

      I’m glad that they’ve given you the opportunity to spread your heavenly scented products nation wide! I’m going to be purchasing some of that moisturizer soon for Bachaesh’s paws. Keep in touch! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next! 🙂

      • K9 Kelp (@K9Kelp) says:

        Thank you for the kind words Emily. We continue to innovate with the focus on natural ingredients centered around BC Kelp.
        Our Kelp community has been growing organically and our fellow Canucks were introduced to us back in March when we aired on Dragons Den 🙂

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