Adopt a Certified Pre-Owned Cat!

16 hour adoptaton

This Saturday, July 19, the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society will have its doors open from 8am to midnight for their Annual 16 Hour Adopt-a-Thon!

During the first quarter of 2014 the KW Humane Society had more than 590 cats in its care, and during that time they found forever homes for 477! But, they still need your help to find homes for the rest of them.

If you’re “in the market” for a cat, this Saturday is the time to pounce on the opportunity! With a variety of “Certified Pre-Owned” models available (kitten, domestic short haired, exotic breeds, large cats) there’s a purrrrfect pet for everyone!

Each cat comes vet checked, microchipped, spayed/neutered, given flea/heartworm preventative treatment AND comes with six free weeks of pet insurance!

There will also be hourly prizes, a prize wheel where you can win pet toys, a calendar or the chance to get $50 off of the adoption fee, in addition to the grand prizes of free dog training classes or a cat/dog prize pack!

This is also an opportunity to adopt a dog or other small animal. There are lots of animals that need a loving home, and this one-day-only event is the perfect time to find your newest family member!

You can view the available animals here

KW Humane Society: 250 Riverbend Drive, Kitchener.

Make your life a little brighter. Make an animal’s heart feel lighter! Instead of choosing a pet from a shop, save a life and adopt!




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