Paws & Play Product Review

Paws and Play box

I was fortunate enough to win a photo contest run by Paws & Play– a subscription box service for Dogs and Cats-and as a prize they sent me a lovely box of goodies. Now, because I didn’t subscribe to the box I didn’t receive all of  the same items that members got this month. Therefore I cannot tell you the cost of the items.

What I love about Paws & Play so far is that, not only are they Canadian, but they offer you a wider array of choice when it comes to picking boxes.

Bachaesh inspects Paws and Play

Paws & Play features these boxes available for cats and dogs :

  • a To-Go Box (4-7 items from previous and new boxes for $15)- Pretty sure that’s what they sent me because I got 7 items.
  • a Premium Box (7-10 items that are the “best and newest” for $30)
  • a Mixed Pet Box (9-17 items for your cat & dog, 2 dogs, or 2 cats for $39)

*** They also accommodate pets with food allergies and intolerances upon request! Amazing!***

Once you have selected the box you want, they offer customization for the following sizes:

Toy, Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed, Giant Breed & Cat

This is an auto-renewing subscription, but you can cancel at any time without fees or penalties. Paws & Play doesn’t include a product card in their boxes like Bowzer Box does, but they do list all of the items they’ve sent each month online, along with a short description and the cost of the product.

Boxes ship out the 15th of each month and can be sent to Canada, The USA and The UK.

And now, on to the product list!

Paws and Play To-Go

Open Range Natural Pet Treats– Beef Muscle Chew- 5-6″

I started with this product because from the moment I opened the box and set it down, Bachaesh was all over it, searching for this!

This Beef Chew is made from free-range grass fed cattle – no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids, no preservatives and no smoke!

They are from British Columbia and have three product lines: Water Buffalo, Beef and Pork

Do we love them? You bet!

Open Range Pet Treats

Lamb Chop Squeaky Toy

Bachaesh loves this Lamb Chop toy so much he brought it with him to bed! I don’t have much information to tell you about this product. This toy is not for young puppies keen on chewing. It’s more of a plush toy, and as such cannot hold up to serious chomping. Best for older dogs who can be trusted not to tear it apart and eat the stuffing.

Lamb Chop Dog Toy

The Honest Kitchen’s Thrive– Free-range Chicken and Vegetables with Quinoa


This looks so much like the mix I bought to make Quinoa patties last summer, it’s not even funny!

So who would have thought that somewhere there’d be a company that dehydrates fresh vegetables, adds some quinoa and markets it as dog food? Not me!  This Thrive recipe is all natural with Human-grade ingredients, and is as easy to make as adding warm water and stirring! It has ingredients such a dehydrated chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach, kelp and rosemary. I was skeptical whether Bachaesh would eat it (and I think he was skeptical at first too) but he did.

The Honest Kitchen- Thrive

I really like that this type of food is less processed than traditional dog food. Unlike the other dog-food samples I received, The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated food still had recognizable elements in the product. I could see the quinoa, and smell the spinach. I also like that the ingredient list is pretty short. A lot of companies try to appeal to our health-conscious consumer side by listing 20 different “healthy” ingredients that are in their food. But, as any smoothie lover knows, the more stuff you pack into something, the less you can actually taste. Also, the benefit of having freeze dried foods is that they are literally dried vegetables and fruits. Traditional dog foods bake and process the heck out of their ingredients, which is why they all end up looking the same colour.

I think I may honestly try out some more Honest Kitchen products. They’re as easy to make as instant oatmeal, and I like knowing what Bachaesh is eating.


Cup Cake Cookie

 Not much info to tell you. There were no labels on this cookie, but it looks nice!


Merrick Grain Free Real Duck & Sweet Potato-3oz

We’ve had a sample of this food before from one of our local pet stores. Bachaesh liked it. We’ve had so many dog food samples lately with Woofstock and whatnot that Bachaesh has reverted to eating his normal dog food first, and then the new kinds as a snack later in the day. We’ve kind of set up a buffet for him on his place mat.

One thing I did notice was that the ingredients say it contains turkey meal, salmon meal, and lamb meal in addition to duck. It also has peas, apples, blueberries, alfalfa and a bunch of stuff I can’t pronounce. Bachaesh gobbled this up, so it must be tasty!  If you’d like more information on the breakdown of ingredients you can check out the Dog Food Advisor, which rates Merrick 5/5 stars.


Petcurean-Adult Grain Free Turkey Salmon Duck Omega 3 Kibble – 0.5lb

So this is a pretty standard-sized kibble. Each piece is about the size of a pea.  In this case, Bachaesh likes the food, and from the ingredients they’ve used it seems like a healthy option for meal time. There are a few ingredients I can’t quite pronounce but they’re most likely the scientific names for a lot of natural stuff…

So we will try it out for a longer period of time and update you!

UPDATE: Bachaesh LOVED this. Two paws up!

Petcurean Dog Food

Finally, we have been given Rollover’s Beef & Veggie Dinner


The packaging, which is difficult to read, says that it is wheat free and high in anti oxidants. The Rollover website says that their product is a “premium, fully cooked, all-natural semi-soft food made in Canada.” (With Canadian ingredients.)

I haven’t opened mine yet, but it doesn’t feel semi-soft.

The website goes on to say that this product should be refrigerated after opening and that it can also be frozen.

Hmm. I have mixed feelings. I want to be open minded, but I really can’t see myself feeding this to Bachaesh. There’s just something about it I don’t like….Might be giving this one away.

Have you tried Rollover brand food? Leave me a message in the comments below and let me know what you thought of it.

Well that’s it for my free box of Paws & Play. I think we got more quantity in this box than in our Bowzer Box, and we definitely got a wide variety of products. It’s nice to be given things to try that we might not normally buy. As this was a free prize, I cannot really comment on quality of products, knowing that my box was probably a hodge-podge of old, new and random products. I would have liked to see another treat in the box instead of a dog-food sample, but I know Bachaesh will eat it all regardless.

Thanks for dropping by!

Emily & Bachaesh


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