A Dog’s Paradise

We live in an apartment, but Bachaesh doesn’t mind because we make up for it by taking him for long walks, hikes, and trips to the dog park, where he can mingle and play, leash free. We’ve been to our fair share of leash free parks over the last two years. Most are one acre or smaller, run by the city, and dotted with a few trees and a couple benches. They’re ok, but they feel small.

Then, there’s the Cinema Dog Park in Ancaster, Ontario.

Field at Cinema Park Field at Cinema Park

Words cannot describe how much Bachaesh loves this park! (And I do too!) It’s 22 acres of open field, completely fenced in. That’s right, 22 ACRES! It’s actually two fields, separated by a clean, slow moving stream of water that the dogs love to splash in on hot days. There are trees, benches (a Starbucks next door 😉 ) and the friendliest community of dog-lovers I have ever met. Stream at Cinema Park

Not only are these dog-loving regulars nice people, but they’re a tight knit group who is committed to making Cinema Dog Park the best it can be. They have organized committees amongst themselves, through their Facebook page, to do park clean ups annually, to fix the fence perimeters should there be any holes, and to make the park an inviting and safe place to bring their fur-babies.

Spring at Cinema Park Winter at Cinema Park

This park is so amazing that we still make the 45 minute drive there from our new home, even though we have a dog park a few minutes from our apartment. If you have an opportunity to visit the Cinema Dog Park in Ancaster (on Golf Links Rd) I highly recommend that you go!

Emily & Bachaesh

(Thanks to Therese Robert, Dan Balac, Sara Garnett & Jessica Hines for the wonderful photos!)


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