Fixin’ the Mix-Ins with GO! Meal Mixers

Petcurean, meal mixers

There are days when it seems like your pup had four hollow legs, and then there are days where it can be a struggle to get them to eat something–anything!– at all.

After a recent change in work environment my own pup had to adjust back to life as a stay-at-home dog. After nearly 3 years in a pet-friendly office it’s been a bit of  a challenge for him (and me).

To help make the transition easier I knew it was important to make sure that he was eating a regular diet at consistent intervals throughout the day. TO accomplish this I turned to Petcurean’s new line of GO! Meal Mixers.GO-MealMixer-ProductLineup

Petcurean difference

Each of the four Meal Mixers features a different protein (pork, turkey or salmon) and a variety of ingredients aimed at targeting certain health concerns. Just like how we take a multi vitamin each day to help fill in any gaps in our own nutrition, the Meal Mixers are ideal for supplementing your dog’s daily diet based on his or her specific requirements.

The Hip+ Joint formula, for example, includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate– two key components in the maintenance of healthy joints– and ingredients such as Tumeric which help with inflammation.

The Skin + Coat Care on the other hand targets dull and dry fur and skin with salmon. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for shiny, healthy looking coats.

Four Rooms

Lastly, Petcurean offers two Turkey-based Go! Meal Mixers: Digestive Health and Weight Control.

As you can see above, the ingredients in the turkey formulas are very similar. The primary difference is that the Digestive Health formula includes good bacteria (probiotics and prebiotics) that are essential for healthy gut flora.

Anyone who has ever had a small breed dog can likely attest to the fact that they tend to be a little picker when it comes to food. For this reason, we put our tiny taste testers Leo (7 year old Pm-Chi)  and Chewy ( 7 year old Corgi) to work, to help Bachaesh try out the new delicious incentives.

Leo reviewed the Skin and Coat Care formula because as a Pom-Chi he has a lot of fur to keep looking lush and well maintained.

Chewy has had his fair share of tummy upsets. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to keep things neutral with the Digestive Health formula. The added pumpkin is great for keeping sensitive tummies settled.

After sampling the GO! Meal Mixers until the bags were emptied, the results were unanimous across the board- the Meal Mixers were a success! Not only were they great as a mix in with their daily meals (kibble or stews), but due to their small size they were also a fantastic addition to their treat balls, snuffle mats and kongs.


I was initially curious whether the fruits would be picked over by the dogs. Both Leo and Chewy’s owners found that the pups didn’t seem to mind having the fruit added…with the exception of the raspberries.

Bachaesh, despite loving the crunchy apple pieces, tended to eat around the two or three raspberries in his bowl which wasn’t a big deal for me. After all, we all have a food we tend to dislike more than others. My only word of caution would be to pick out the raspberries if your pup isn’t fond of them to ensure that they don’t leave any marks on light carpets.

Overall, the Go! Meal Mixers have been such a resounding success. It’s been great not having to worry about Bachaesh opting out of his morning meal. I feel reassured knowing that what he sees as a tasty treat is also a healthy supplement to his regular food. Also, the Meal Mixers are grain and potato free which is fantastic for extra sensitive breeds.

We’ll be adding GO! Meal Mixers to the shopping list for our next trip to the pet store!


It CAN Happen to you

car crash

I wanted to write a quick post today in light of a recent event.

As some of you may know, I have worked in the pet health industry for many years. More specifically, I have a background in pet health insurance. As part of that experience I was often confronted with excuses like “I never have my dog out of my sight,” ” I’m a very careful pet owner,” and simply “I just don’t think we will need pet insurance,” as reasons for declining coverage.

Now, I’m not here to say that any one company is a better option than another, although I DO think it is important to really do your research and make sure that you are comparing the coverage apples-to-apples. My goal in writing this post is to get you thinking about the wide scope of accidents and illnesses that can happen any time, anywhere, to anyone. Why? Because it happened to me.

Bachaesh has always been a healthy dog. As a mixed breed he was already less inclined towards breed-specific illnesses, and as a well-trained dog, he was not apt to eat things out of the garbage or off the sidewalk that could inevitably lead to a pricey foreign body ingestion claim.

Recently, while out of my care, Bachaesh was the passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a car accident. Yes– I know what you’re thinking. “Why wasn’t he in a harness or a crate?” That’s a great question. Bachaesh HATES being restrained in the backseat. He will bark and whine because he just wants to stick his head out the window and get some fresh air. As overly cautious as I can be, my weakness has always been whining. I can’t stand it! When I can discipline him, I make sure that I let him know that I will not put up with the behaviour. But when you’re driving, that whining and barking can be distracting.

I was lucky this time. Nobody was seriously injured in the crash pictured above. It could have been SO much worse though. I feel better knowing that I have pet health insurance for Bachaesh, but that won’t help me if there’s nothing that can be done for him.

For that reason I am strongly urging all pet parents to also consider a safety-tested harness for their pets. It’s important to know that like everything else, not all harnesses are created equally. Only 2 that I know of have been crash tested with the same strict safety standards that cars are tested with.

I will be putting in special care to make sure that the whining does not win out over the safety of my pup while we make this change to our travel routine.

For those of you looking for a recommendation for harnesses and crates, I suggest you visit SleepyPod’s website. After lots of research, this is the only brand that I feel comfortable entrusting the safety of my pet to.

Please leave your thoughts, comments and questions below.


Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble

THe POwer Of RawI’m a believer in keeping things exciting for your pet. I don’t know about you, but I hate eating left overs. As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” the thought of eating the same thing day after day nearly brings me to tears. I can only imagine how a dog who eats the same food every day of his life must feel.

That’s why I try to rotate my dog’s food. I’m always sure to make the transition gradual, but I find that buying high quality, organic/grain free foods pose fewer gastrointestinal upsets when changing foods than other low quality brands.  As a blogger, I’m always looking for new foods and treats to try, and nobody enjoys these tests more than my 5 year old Shorkie, Bachaesh.

When Bachaesh’s most recent bag of food was nearly empty I decided that it was time to try something new this time. A friend told us about how her Standard Poodle loves Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Kibble. We’ve been fond of Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Mixers for a long time (we use them as treats!), so I was intrigued to learn that Stella & Chewy’s has added to their line of products.

stella and chewys, raw coated, raw kibble, dog food, give a dog a bone, stella and chewys review

If you’re like me, you may be wondering what it means to be “raw coated.” Essentially, Stella and Chewy’s oven bake their kibbles in small batches to ensure a less processed food, and then roll them in their freeze dried raw blend. The result? A kibble your dog won’t be able to resist.

If you’ve been one of our readers for a while, you may know that Bachaesh is a picky eater. He will either turn his nose up at something completely, or he will sniff and take time to “think about it” before he eats anything. As soon as I put some of the Raw Coated kibble down, he ate it right up!

What attracted me to the Raw Coated food was its fresh spin on kibble, and its list of ingredients. You won’t find questionable ingredients in this food. Instead, you’ll see ingredients like beef, chickpeas, beef tripe, organic fruits, organic vegetables, and added vitamins and probiotics.

Best of all, there are no ingredients from China, nor any wheat, corn or soy.

stella and chewys, give a dog a bone, raw dog food, raw kibble

Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated kibble comes in five main proteins (cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef, cage-free duck, grass-fed lamb, and wild-caught whitefish) and features two special chicken recipes, formulated for small breeds and puppies. The bags also come in three different sizes (3.5 lbs, 10lbs and 22lbs). This means that you can change up your dog’s food whenever it suits you, and if you want to try a new flavour, you don’t have to invest in a huge bag. But, let’s be honest… your pup is going to devour it.

close up

I’m loving this new food, and will continue to purchase it in the future. I’m sure Bachaesh can’t wait to see what flavour we’ll try next. I’ll have to figure out what’s next pretty soon, though–the bag is almost empty!

TIP: If you’re looking to jazz up your dog’s diet but aren’t ready to commit to a full food transition, try using a raw coated kibble in your dog’s treat ball!



Petcurean, Gather Dog Food, Vegan Dog, Vegan Pet, Pet Health, Canadian Dog, Give a Dog a Bone Blog


Petcurean, Gather Dog Food, Vegan Dog, Vegan Pet, Pet Health, Canadian Dog, Give a Dog a Bone Blog

Summer is over and Autumn is upon us. Like many of you, it’s been a busy year for us. Between juggling projects and errands it’s important to make sure that we take the time to look after ourselves. That goes for our pets too!

PetCurean is a Canadian, family-owned pet food company, and they were kind enough to send us some samples of their new line of pet food, GATHER. Over the last few months we’ve been working with some fellow pet parents to do some taste tests and get to find out what it is about GATHER that makes it special! We also have an amazing prize pack to give away. Read on to learn more!

Petcurean, Gather, vegan dog, glutenfree dog, allergy dog,

If you’ve visited the blog before you’ll know that when it comes to healthy food choices for our dogs, we’re 100% on board. There’s no skimping when it comes to our fur babies.

GATHER is part of a new category of pet food which uses certified and organic sustainably produced ingredients. GATHER is blended and balanced to provide your dog with a premium quality, yet naturally nutritious food. It was even designed under the watchful eye of Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, who has a PhD in companion pet nutrition.

GATHER currently comes in three lines and each recipe features a single source primary protein (fish, chicken or peas):

o Wild Ocean (dogs) – Recipe with MSC-certified line-caught cod

o Free Acres (dogs and cats) – Recipe with organic free-run chicken

o Endless Valley (dogs) – Certified vegan recipe with organic peas

To be able to be considered, ingredient suppliers must adhere to Petcureans strict criteria for sustainability. This criteria is based on five pillars (

  • Following humane animal welfare practices
  • Protecting water supplies and limiting water use
  • Protecting farmer, rancher and producer livelihoods (No by-product meals, un-named meat meals or any ingredient from China.)
  •  Ensuring the preservation of natural resources
  • Actively working to preserve biodiversity

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Today’s pet parent knows that not just any pet food is worthy enough to grace their grocery carts and pantry shelves. We want to know what’s in the products we buy, where those ingredients are sourced, and we want to ensure that everything that’s being used is also being sourced sustainably.Gather Ingredients

As a predominantly Vegan eater, I was intrigued to discover that Petcurean’s Endless Valley recipe is a certified vegan option for pets.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “How do I know if my Fluffy is a Vegan?”

Petcureans’s Vegan option isn’t necessarily for pets whose parents have already said adios to animal products. While it is nutritionally balanced and contains the essential nutrients, including amino acids, in the amounts that most dogs need to stay healthy, it is also a great option for dogs who have food sensitivities and food restrictions. (Read more about vegan diets for pets here.)

Endless Valley uses peas as the primary protein source and incorporates healthy Omega 3s and 6s from organic flaxseed and sunflower oil. Peas are a nutrient rich option that provides most of the essential amino acids required by both dogs and cats. Peas are also great sources of antioxidants, minerals, fibre and resistant starch which benefits the digestive system.


Sarah and Rufus

Sarah is the proud dog mom to Rufus, a fairly active 11 year old Golden Retriever with extreme sensitivities to certain proteins. Chicken is a no-go for this pup. To avoid constant itching and hair loss, Sarah has dedicated herself to ensuring that Rufus eats a nutritionally balanced meal free from allergy inducing ingredients.

Rufus tried the Endless Valley recipe.  Here’s what he and Sarah had to say:

Rufus loved it! Endless Valley has healthy ingredients, and no fillers. I would consider buying GATHER in the future because I like the ingredients they’ve chosen  and I like that there is a strict requirement for sustainability. – Sarah P.


Lea and Edith

Lea is a nursing student who couldn’t be more in love with her Saint Bernard mix, Edith.

Edith had a rough puppyhood, suffering from Parvo and requiring extended hospitalization. Now that she’s back to herself, and growing like a weed, she enjoys staying active, but is also a-okay with a little down time every now and then.

Edith sampled the Free Acres Recipe and here’s what she and Lea had to say:

Edith is usually quite picky, so it was a surprise to see her enjoy the food so much! She ate every last piece, so I will definitely be looking into getting her some more.

Since she has had stomach issues in the past, I usually look for a food that has a very healthy and simple list of ingredients that will provide her with all the nutrition she needs, and that won’t upset her stomach. I like GATHER because it’s a food that works with my budget, but that also satisfies Edith’s wants and nutritional needs. -Lea Q.

As for the rest of us…

Riley, Pepper and Bachaesh tested out all three recipes. If you follow us on Instagram, you may even have seen Pepper excitedly OPENING her sample bags all by herself before gobbling them all down.

Quote In A Circle

Pepper is, of course, a Labrador and is very food motivated. She devoured all three recipes and didn’t seem to have a preference either way. Her mom has now foregone buying treats altogether because Pepper will happily shake a paw for GATHER.

Riley and Bachaesh, on the other hand, are men of discerning tastes. While Riley was uncertain of how he felt about the Wild Ocean fish recipe, he felt more comfortable with the familiarity of the Free Acres which uses free-run organic chicken. Likewise, Bachaesh always takes a little while to adjust to new foods, and has now confidently been eating Free Acres daily during the summer months. In fact, when he finishes his serving he comes looking for more!

All of our testers have had a very positive experience with GATHER, and none have had any issues with tummy upsets from introducing a new food.

In addition to the great ingredients and sustainability criteria, GATHER is especially noteworthy for being a healthy and affordable option. The food bags are quite large, and feature velcro resealable tops to keep freshness in.

To celebrate GATHER in all its glory, Petcurean and I are giving away a huge gift basket packed with all sorts of goodies. To enter the giveaway, visit our Instagram page and follow the instructions. Open to Canadian residents only.

Pink Frog Leaps On To The Market

Pink Frog Pet Products, give a dog a bone, Emily Phillips, Dog harness, sturdy dog harness, heavy duty dog, pet accessories, reflective dog leash

Every dog owner has been there. Leash training.

Teaching your pup the proper etiquette of walking on a leash comes with its own challenges. Namely, pulling and escaping.

If I had been lucky enough to own one of Pink Frog’s sturdy walking sets back in those days I wouldn’t have been so paranoid about a sudden unexpected puppy escape!

Pink Frog Pet Products is a young and vibrant Canadian company located in Burlington, Ontario, that specializes in accessories for your furry friend. Now, thanks to Pink Frog, your pup can be walked safely AND stylishly. (Seriously, while taking photos for this post we were stopped by people walking by to say how cute Bachaesh looked in this harness and leash combo!)

Pink Frog, Dog Harness, Sturdy Pet Products, Reflective harness

Pink Frog kindly sent us some of their amazing product line to try, along with their newest product!


You can identify a quality leash from assessing three main things:

  1. Is it sturdy? Pink Frog’s leashes are probably the sturdiest I’ve ever seen. They’re twice the thickness and width of your average nylon leash, they have a metal buckle and hardware that looks like it can withstand a great deal of adventure, and the handle is layered with neoprene to keep the leash from cutting into  your hand when your dog pulls.
  2. Does it help with safety? Safety is key! Pink Frog has brilliantly ensured that every edge of their leashes is carefully stitched with reflective tape to keep you and your pup safe on late night walks.
  3. Would you use it? I’ll be honest- I’m used to using a long, extendable leash for Bachaesh. But, wow! I really fell in love with this leash, and can see myself using it often! I felt like I had much more control over him, and when I’m in crowded places that’s just what I need.

Over the benchPink Frog, Give a dog a bone blog, Pink frog poop bag dispenserAdd in a cute little poo bag dispenser that latches to the leash without swinging or making noise, and I am sold!

Of course, the pièces de résistance is Pink Frog’s newest product, launching April 3rd on Indie GoGo, their harness.

Pink Frog Harness, Give a dog a bone, sturdy harness, metal buckle harness,As you can see, just like their leashes, Pink Frog’s attention to detail and safety is very apparent. The thick nylon straps padded with neoprene provide stability and strength, while not impeding your pet’s movement or comfort. Your pup is free to wander without uncomfortable tugs around the neck.

The durable metal clasp is built to last, and the revolutionary design makes getting this harness on and off a breeze!

Pink Frog harness, Give a dog a bone, Dog blog, pet product review, pet blogger

Simply slip the opening over your dog’s head, and buckle up the strap behind his front legs, along his chest. No strap between the legs to fiddle with. Easy!

The front rests comfortably against the collar bone, while the under-strap and back support prevent your dog from twisting out of the harness.

Pink Frog, Give a Dog a Bone Blog,

In addition to the reflective material and sturdy design, the harness includes a traffic safety handle- ideal for pulling your pup close at the last minute- and an adjustable under-strap to make the harness custom fit your pup.

I love this harness. At first, I was a little confused by it because it really is different from the other harnesses on the market.

Bachaesh is, ninety-nine percent of the time, a co-operative walker, however there have been times where he has backed out of his collar when spooked by a noise or another animal, or has escaped from a harness if he is adamant he does not want to go where I am going.

When I am crossing a busy intersection, the last thing I want to worry about is my precious pup getting out and standing in the road. I do not have that concern with this harness.

I found the Pink Frog harness incredibly easy to use, and as someone who takes her dog with her everywhere she goes, I appreciate anything that makes my life a little easier at 7am.

If you’re looking for a new way of walking, and you don’t want to have to sacrifice safety or style, be sure to visit Pink Frog online, and check their products out at your local pet store. There are a variety of colours available so that you can show off your pup’s vibrant personality!

To help support Pink Frog launch this great new harness aimed at keeping pets safe, please visit their fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo here. The campaign runs for 40 days.

Show them some love, and consider making a small donation. And while you’re at it, be sure to enter their giveaway HERE.

Pink Frog Pet RPoducts, give a dog a bone, dog harness, neoprene dog, new pet products, leash,

Your Dog Wants You To Soup It Up

Caru beef bone broth, Caru stew, Give a dog a bone blog,

Bachaesh and I brave the elements every day of the week  in the big city as we wait for public transit (because we’re environmentally friendly…and because this lady desperately needs a new set of wheels). I bundle him up in his toasty warm coat from Canada Pooch, and on particularly frosty days, even wrap him in his cozy blanket from Be One Breed.

When we get home on a chilly day, there’s no better way to get a tail wag than to serve Bachaesh a tasty bowl of Caru Stew, or their new Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth.

For years pet owners have encouraged their picky eaters by making their dry food more enticing with a little chicken broth that they had in the cupboard, or by adding some broth to their water dish to encourage them to stay hydrated. The problem with this, of course, is that Chicken Broth for Human consumption often contains ingredients that can be harmful to your pet such as onions and spices.

Caru’s new Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth is carefully simmered in small batches, and made with ingredients safe for your canine companion. They also package all of their stews and broths in BPA-free packaging.

I strongly believe that any food that we consume, or that our pet consumes, should be made of ingredients that we know, are familiar with, and that we can pronounce. On top of that, I personally try my best to consumer organic products whenever possible because we are already bombarded with so many chemicals in the world, that I’d at least like my fuel for the day to be as chemical free and nutrient rich as possible.

CARU Beef Bone Broth, GIve a dog a bone

With that being said, Caru’s Beef Bone Broth contains the following: water, Beef Bones, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Pepper, Bay Leaves and Thyme. Simple. 

The Beef Bone Broth is also grain and gluten free (perfect for pets with food sensitivities), and does not contain genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients

You can serve your pup some of this tasty broth, just slightly warmed (be careful it’s not too hot!) on its own, or over some dry food or cooked brown rice for sensitive tummies. On hot days, try freezing some in ice cube trays as a refreshing treat!

Caru, Caru STew, GMO Free Pet, Healthy Pet, Picky Pets, Soup for dogs, Healthy dog treats

I’ve been a big Caru fan since they first launched a few years ago, and since that time I can’t say anything but positive things about their food. Bachaesh has never once turned his nose up to a Caru product and he is the pickiest dog I have ever met.

CARU Treats, Give a Dog a Bone

Caru’s full line of products are available at a number of international retailers, including Global Pet Food stores in Canada.

Note: If any of you are interested in learning more about the food that is consumed and the chemicals we absorb every day, I recommend that you watch The Human Experiment on Netflix. It’s a great documentary, full of eye opening information.

Pooch Patch a Godsend for Condo Dwelling Pet Parents

Pooch patch, balcony dog, grass patch for pets, GTA dogs, COndo living with dogs, pee pads,

It’s 1:30 am and you’ve stayed up a little later than you planned watching yet another episode of your favourite Netflix show. You’re bundled up in your PJs and ready to sleep but you just can’t shake the feeling that if you don’t take your pup out for a quick pee now, he’ll probably just end up waking you in the middle of your REM cycle in three hours.

It’s a conundrum I’ve faced since moving into a condo. Going from a home with a fenced in backyard to the high rise life of the GTA has been a transition not only for me, but for my dog, Bachaesh, as well.

Thankfully, the nice people at Pooch Patch reached out to us and dropped us off a little something to make those late night potty breaks a little less stressful.

Pooch Patch is a delivery service in the Greater Toronto Area that delivers a fresh piece of Ontario grown sod right to your door for your pup’s peeing convenience.


For as little as $20 you can have a fresh piece of grass, complete with a tray, delivered for free weekly or bi weekly. The cardboard tray is completely recyclable and is waterproofed to avoid leakage.Simply remove the lid and place under the bottom of the tray and voila! You can even put two together for larger dogs.

We weren’t home when our Pooch Patch arrived so we picked it up from our concierge desk the next day without a problem.

Pooch Patch edit 1

Along with our Pooch Patch we received some helpful tips to help make the transition to “balcony bathrooming”a little easier. Bachaesh is a very well behaved dog, so he knows that he shouldn’t be peeing anywhere that even looks remotely like a part of a house. By adding some “scent” to the grass it encourages him and lets him know that this spot has already been okayed as potty spot.

While I continue to ensure that he gets adequate walks throughout the day, the Pooch Patch is so handy for quick little pee breaks before bed or early in the morning. It’s even a great idea for dogs that have just had surgery or that have mobility issues.

Pooch Patch 2

I think Bachaesh loves it most for another reason, though. From the moment I set that Pooch Patch down, Bachaesh was determined to use it as a lovely spot to lay. My balcony gets so hot sometimes that even candles have melted. I can see why a lovely piece of grass on hot summers day can be inviting, regardless of whether you’re on the ground or nine storeys up.

If you’re interested in trying Pooch Patch for yourself you can visit their website here.



BIG FLAVOUR. small size.

Header 1

Our first bag of Nutram Sound S7 dog food is empty , and my  4 year old Shorkie isn’t the only one sad about it.

Over the past month Bachaesh has eaten exclusively Nutram S7 food as part of Nutram’s Optimum Transition Challenge. We transitioned him from eating kibble he’s been used to eating since he was a puppy to Nutram’s new Chicken and Brown Rice with Peas and Carrots recipe.

Bachaesh can be a very picky eater, so when we began participating in Nutram‘s OTC challenge I didn’t know what to expect. We started slowly. We gave him mostly his old food, with a little Nutram mixed in. Then we gradually increased the ratio of Nutram to other kibble until I felt confident Bachaesh could handle a full bowl of just Nutram. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did Bachaesh eat his new food, but he loved it! He would finish the serving of food I gave him and then sit in front of the bag of food as if to say “more, please!”

Nutram Over View

Nutram’s S7 formula is jam packed with healthy goodness. You won’t find any hormone-laden meats here! Instead, Nutram S7 has flax seed and salmon oil to help bring luster and shine back to your dog’s coat, alfalfa to freshen breath, and pomegranate and turmeric help to boost your pup’s immune system with powerful antioxidants.  Peppermint helps to calm the stomach, while pumpkin aids in the digestive process, and chamomile keeps your pup calm and reduces indigestion.Take note, pet parents, as these are wonderful things to add to your own diet as well!

The age old adage has never been truer- You are what you eat! When you fill your pet’s food bowl with holistic, nutrient-rich foods they will begin to feel better, and be healthier. Over the past month of feeding Bachaesh Nutram, I’ve noticed he’s slimmed down a bit and now has more energy. He was never overweight, but he looks healthier now, and his fur is much softer and fluffier than it ever was before. He’s ready to take on the world one squirrel at a time!

It’s been incredibly easy to live a Nutram lifestyle. As a busy pet parent and blogger, I’m always on the go. Bachaesh goes everywhere with me (including on the bus!) and that means that I have to be prepared to have a nutritious meal for him when we get to our destination. Nutram’s kibbles have been specially formulated with small breeds in mind. Their al dente kibbles are much smaller than our former kibble, and that makes Bachaesh much more inclined to eat them in unfamiliar environments.   I can tell he prefers the bite-sized Nutram kibbles, and I don’t worry about him hurting his jaw trying to crunch on big kibbles anymore.


Kibble Comparison

I also love the sizing of Nutram’s packaging. One of their 6 lb bags is the perfect size to stick in the car if you’re heading out for the weekend, or even to stash in the pantry cupboard.

I am very happy with Nutram, and I am confident Bachaesh will be just as happy when we go pick up a new bag of Nutram S7 from our pet store later today.

If you’re interested in finding the Nutram formula that’s right for you, you can head on over to Nutram’s website and take their What’s My Nutram Number quiz. It only takes a minute or two, and it will allow you to find the perfect combination for your specific dog’s dietary needs- whether it be a food allergy or sensitivity, a senior pet, or a very active pet.

Join the Nutram OTC Challenge today! #NutramOTC


The Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge

Nutram, NutramOTC, Optimum Transition Challenge, Canadian Pet Food, Pet Nutrition Blogger, Give a dog a bone blog

It’s that time of year when things become topsy-turvy. Things are changing. It’s out with the old and in with the new.

Bachaesh and I have moved from the quaint Tri-Cities to the hustle and bustle of the GTA.

Another part of our fresh start to spring is our participation in Nutram’s 30-Day  Optimum Transition Challenge.

Nutram wanted to challenge pet parents across Canada to lead a healthy lifestyle with their pets. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that you eat a healthy diet. I’m a healthy eater- I am very particular with what I choose to consume-and I take just as much care when selecting a food for Bachaesh to eat as well. After all, you are what you eat!

Nutram nutritionists have developed all natural, holistic dry dog and cat food using wholesome ingredients, such as herbs, fruits, vegetables and digestible proteins from real deboned meats, grown without the hormones. What sets Nutram apart from other specialty food brands is its Optimum Combinations: certified holistic nutritionists have combined ingredients that work well on their own but have enormous health benefits when combined together (for example, turkey combined with chamomile has a calming effect on hyperactive pets). -via  Nutram’s Website

Transitioning your pet from their current nutrient-lacking food may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. It takes about 30-days to have a smooth transition, slowly decreasing the ratio of old to new food.

As a pet nutrition blogger, I’ve reviewed a lot of food products for pets with help from my Shorkie. Bachaesh has always been a “selective” eater. He’s very particular about what he wants to eat, and he won’t settle for anything but the best.

Of course, he’s not reading the flashy packaging to make his decision. He can smell and taste the difference in the  quality of ingredients. The great thing about Nutram’s new line of food is that it is customizable to your dog’s specific needs- but more on this later!

I’m always concerned when a company offers to send us something to review because there’s a decent possibility Bachaesh just won’t like it, and that will be that. I didn’t have to worry with Nutram.

The first time I offered Bachaesh some of Nutram’s Sound Balanced Wellness food, he ate it all right away, and then waited for a second helping!

We have so much to share with you all on this journey, and we will be posting updates often in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out to us in the meantime if you have any questions about our experience transitioning to Nutram.

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Barkery Delights: A Love Story

Barkery Delights, Homemade Dog Treats, Barkery

About four years ago, one of Elaine Rodriguez’ dogs, Girl, was beginning to exhibit the symptoms of old age. At fourteen years old, Girl was losing weight, her hair would fall in large amounts and she began walking less and less. Like many other Dachshund mixes, Girl’s back problems became one of her more prominent concerns.  Vitamins and joint supplement pills were just not cutting it, so Elaine began researching what else she could do to help her beloved Girl have a happier life.

 Elaine’s determination to find a healthier option began much like my own- by reading the ingredient panel of her dog’s food and feeling unsatisfied with the amounts of artificial, chemical and by-product content found in the food.

She began experimenting with healthy homemade food for both of her dogs. Within a week, Girl’s fur was shiny again. She was walking more, and she wanted to do something Elaine hadn’t seen in over a year- play!

Elaine figured that if her dogs were feeling better from eating her homemade natural dog food, why not try making dog treats that were preservative free and had no artificial colours in them as well?

Barkery Delights, Homemade Dog Treats, Dog Blog, Preservative free, Give a dog a bone blog

With this goal in mind, Texas-based Barkery Delights was born.

Elaine began baking up a storm, sharing her creations with neighbours, friends , and of course, their dogs. She honed her baking skills with the help of her doggy taste testers, and her family members who taste the human grade treats for quality assurance.

Elaine was able to extend Girl’s life for another three love-filled years. Elaine kindly shared with me the only photo she has left of Girl after her computer was wiped of its files after a bad virus. It was taken from afar on her last days while she was sleeping.

Barkery Delights, Girl,

“We had lots of pictures of her as she loved to catch bubbles, race with my daughter in the pool swimming, and loved to chase birds away from her back yard.  She really was an amazing dog.”-Elaine Rodriguez

Her adoration of her beloved dog lives on in her business, Barkery Delights.

Elaine was kind enough to send us her three treat options to review.

Barkery Delights’ treats are made with human grade ingredients and natural preservatives. They do not contain any artificial colouring.

Barkery Delights, Natural Dog Treat, US dog treat, Pet Nutrition, Dog Blogger, pets

She currently offers Breakfast Parfait, Peanut Butter and Carob (a chocolate-like flavour that is safe for dogs to eat), and Cranberries Medley.

Her treats come in cute parfait tamper-proof containers, and retail for $7.00 US.

Barkery Delights, Homemade Dog treats, Elaine Rodriguez, Give a Dog a Bone Blog, Natural Pet, USA Made

The treats were well received by our pups! They know quality when they taste it.

I love that you can easily see all the goodness in each recipe: cranberries, sunflower seeds, oats.That also means that your dog can enjoy the individual flavours, rather than have it all blended together.

Whether your pup is a peanut butter lover (Xylitol free, of course!), or wants to start the morning off right with a Breakfast Parfait (plain yogurt, cranberries, blueberries, organic granola) Barkery Delights has a homemade biscuit with their name on it.

These treats are truly made with love and with your canine companion’s best interests at heart. At only $7 US ($9.28 CAD) per 6 oz container, these treats are such an affordable way to treat your dog.

Not sure which flavour your dog will love best? You can grab a sample of either for only $2.

Elaine is currently working with Amazon to sell her treats on their site, but in the meantime you can visit her website at, and visit her on Facebook.